The Wisdom and Practices of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras


The Wisdom and Practices of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras

Unlock the Life-Changing Wisdom of the Sutras without having to travel to a retreat-based Yoga training
  • Meet each day with a whole toolkit of practices you can use: when things get heated, you’re overwhelmed or being hard on yourself
  • Confidently weave gems of wisdom into your classes, coaching sessions or retreats
  • Tap into a vast storehouse of life-changing wisdom that is barely touched on in most Yoga classes

  • Explore each and every sutra of the Samadhi and Sadhana Pada
  • Understand Patanjali’s way of looking at the world and our place in it
  • Dive deep into the 8-fold path
  • Dip into the magical world of the two final Pada

  • 10 hours of recorded talks divided into manageable 20-30-minute lessons
  • An intimate personal talk that references Yoga texts and masters
  • Meditations, mantras, contemplations and rituals that link Wisdom to your Yoga practice
  • A 100-page downloadable course book
  • Simple comprehension quizzes

Chétana co-founded the Akhanda Yoga approach, the Akhanda Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) program design, and has facilitated philosophy, methodology and transformational experiences sessions as a lead trainer for about 25 Akhanda YTT programs. She also offers workshops in Yoga philosophy, teaching methodology and everyday wisdom. A writer, she has also published a number of articles and blog posts on Yoga philosophy, teaching and holistic living, and has fun working on the Akhanda Yoga weekly newsletter and blog. Chétana has been blessed to have the opportunity to explore the Yoga of motherhood and the moment-to-moment presence being with children can inspire. 

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