hmy Karma

We just persevere to keep up with our commitment to promote and propagate those who are dedicatedly enriching lives with yogic light.
hellomyyoga  makes every effort to bring forth the authentic and verified yoga centres , events and yoga teacher training courses after exploring and researching by the hmy team. Our team has set different parameters which to an extent identify the ideal and genuine yoga abode based on the diverse needs of yoga seekers. But as it is said that nobody and nothing is perfect we still require your valuable opinion and thoughts or may be your experience which can prove to be a strong support for hellomyyoga to realize its Karma with sincerity and positivity. Therefore, we have a review column for every traveler to log in and share their experience with the respective yoga centre.

If our wise yoga seekers have anything to share regarding any program or yoga centre , they can write to us at If any yoga centre disagrees on this kind of promotion and prefers to keep themselves limited to their community, we respect it and will discontinue soon after we receive mail from the lead teacher. 

We assure full support keeping intact their confidentiality. Our prime concern and intention is not to malign or disregard anyone in the yoga community. Therefore hmy lists and promote the yoga centres for the benefit of yoga seekers but if anyone faces problem or issue regarding any centre, hmy will take action after thorough understanding and enquiry and might remove the listed centre from our website, if found working against the welfare of yoga community. 
We request all our subscribers and guests to speak their mind and share their experiences with hellomyyoga.

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