Discovering the power of Dreams, Subconscious and Creativity


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Discovering the power of Dreams, Subconscious and Creativity

Dreams play an important role in healing, health, creativity, and spirituality. They are part of our subconscious and protect the brain in many ways, including reducing information overload, removing toxic energy of trauma through nightmares, informing about repressed emotions and desires, helping us to learn, and accessing our creativity. Many great inventions, including the discovery of DNA structure, occurred in a dream.
We can train ourselves to meditate in dreams to experience higher levels of consciousness.  In Tibetan Buddhism, a full yoga of dreams and sleep was created for this purpose. In Indian tradition, the dream state is described as a distinct state of consciousness. In many ancient healing traditions, dream diagnosis is used to assess the state of a person’s health.

How can we remember our dreams and interpret them for our benefit?
In these online workshops, you will learn about the science, psychology, and spirituality of dreams. You will practice techniques to remember and interpret dreams for better health, healing, creativity, and spiritual progress.
Workshops will include talks, dialogues, question and answer sessions, and the practice of a variety of breathing exercises and meditations regarding dreams and sleep.

Jivasu’s teachings emerged from his direct experience of Peak Intelligence Moments and State. Trained as a physician, he, along with his wife, Karen, served marginalized communities in the Indian Himalayan foothills. Later, he studied integrative mind-body medicine at Harvard Medical School. His work focuses on the bio-psychological architecture of what he calls the “natural self.” This led him to build a framework titled “Naturality,” which explores the scientific basis of energy, consciousness, complete health, and spiritual experiences.





Date & Timings

7th - 28th May 2021 | Thursdays


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