Emotionally Intelligent, Mentally wise


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Emotionally Intelligent, Mentally wise

Emotional and mental health obstacles are inseparable from each other and are much more common than we think. To escape, we bury them in our subconscious and become overactive in our daily lives. In spite of our best efforts, the obstacles express themselves as stress, a lack of passion in life, conflict in relationships, and a persistent feeling of discontent.
Complete emotional and mental health is the experience of love, well-being, creativity, and freedom from fear, guilt, and discontent.  In these online workshops, we will explore the reasons behind emotional and mental health obstacles, and how we can prevent and manage them. Eventually, we aim to arrive at complete emotional and mental health to live a full and creative life.
Workshops will include talks, dialogues, question and answer sessions, and the practice of a variety of breathing exercises and meditation.
Please Note
  • Four sessions, each session for two hours
  • The session will be on Thursdays only.

Jivasu’s teachings emerged from his direct experience of Peak Intelligence Moments and State. Trained as a physician, he, along with his wife, Karen, served marginalized communities in the Indian Himalayan foothills. Later, he studied integrative mind-body medicine at Harvard Medical School. His work focuses on the bio-psychological architecture of what he calls the “natural self.” This led him to build a framework titled “Naturality,” which explores the scientific basis of energy, consciousness, complete health, and spiritual experiences.


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Date & Timings

8th - 29th October 2020


Email: jivasu.natural@gmail.com | Phone: +91 9058189150




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