Knowing Your Personality for a Long & Healthy life


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Knowing Your Personality for a Long & Healthy life

Nature makes us unique, and, in order for us to feel fulfilled, encourages us to express that uniqueness to the world. Uniqueness is so inherent in all things that even two grains of sand can never be the same. We all are born with our unique, natural personality, but as we grow from a baby to an adult, natural personality gets buried under our identity, which comes from our family and culture. Up to a point, identity is essential to survive and function in the world, but beyond survival, identity becomes a prison resulting in mind-body health problems, discontent, and conflict. We are not able to live to our peak potential.
Without discovering our unique, natural personality, we cannot achieve healing, complete health, or follow the right lifestyle.   
In these online workshops, through dialogue, self-assessment, breathwork, movements, and meditation, we will discover our natural personality and prepare a self-care plan to achieve healing and complete health.

Please Note
  • Four sessions, each session for two hours
  • The session will be on Thursdays only.

Jivasu’s teachings emerged from his direct experience of Peak Intelligence Moments and State. Trained as a physician, he, along with his wife, Karen, served marginalized communities in the Indian Himalayan foothills. Later, he studied integrative mind-body medicine at Harvard Medical School. His work focuses on the bio-psychological architecture of what he calls the “natural self.” This led him to build a framework titled “Naturality,” which explores the scientific basis of energy, consciousness, complete health, and spiritual experiences.


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Date & Timings

8th - 29th April 2021


Email: | Phone: +91 9058189150




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