Online Level 2 – Chakra Healing


Online Level 2 – Chakra Healing

The intention of this program is to achieve deeper balancing and healing of each Chakra so as to attain our goals. This is a Certificate Program which includes a detailed study of each Chakra in context with certain Yoga concepts that can help us understand better the laws of creation. They include - 

  • Ajnya Chakra (Knowledge)- Avidya and Attachment to our Truths and Dogmatism
  • Vishuddhi-Self-Image (Asmita) and Self-Expression and its effects on our communication
  • Muladhara –Survival (Abhinivesha) and Simultaneous reasons regarding the difficulty in following the Yamas (Ahimsa, Satya, Asteya, Aparigraha)
  • Swadhishthana – Pleasure and its relation to Raaga and Dwesha, Brahmacharya, Controller of Karma and Brahmasahastra vs Manipura Let go vs My Responsibility
  • Anahat – Compassion (Parikarmas)

It also includes a study of -

  • Samskaras responsible for the activation of sensitivities and expectations of each Chakra
  • Behavioural expressions of each Chakra
  • Relation of each Chakra with the others, leading to further behavioural patterns
  • Health conditions in relation to each Chakra
  • The logical concept of working on the emotions related to each Chakra
  • Introducing the concept of Transcending Homeostasis

The emotions in relation to each Chakra can also be seen as categories of -

  • Our Potentials – the various Possibilities that we can create through Empowerment
  • Our Sensitivities and Expectations - thereby triggering various emotions
  • Our Techniques – simultaneously determining our reaction patterns to the various situations.

If we are to tap our full potentials, we can easily see the role of our sensitivities/ expectations as also the techniques we use, towards the actual materialisation of our goals.

  • Link will be forwarded on request, individually, only to those who have completed the Level 1- Swadhyay program.
  • The Emo-Energy Balancing workshop curriculum will be included within this program only and hence is not a pre-requisite
  • Those participants who have previously attended the EEB workshop will be allowed to attend the sessions again for revision.




The Yoga Institute

Date & Timings

June 8th - July 10th 2020 | 5.30 - 8.30 pm


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