50hrs Yin Yoga TTC by Yogadarshanam

50hrs Yin Yoga TTC by Yogadarshanam

About Course

Who can take 50hrs Yin Yoga TTC?
Any one can take 50 hrs Yin yoga TTC. No prior experience and practice required. No matter your old or young

Summary of the 50hrs Yin Yoga TTC
  • Covers typical 30 yin yoga postures.
  • Benefits of the each yin yoga poses.
  • Contradiction of all yin yoga asanas
  • Breathing and techniques of the yin yoga postures
  • Daily practice of Yin Yoga Poses
  • Learning starting and ending prayer
  • Study of Yin Yoga and sequencing.
  • Brief Yin Yoga theory and key points of the Yin Yoga.
  • 50 hrs YACEP certification of yoga alliance from Yogadarshanam
  • Designed and developed according to Yin yoga traditions and Contemporary usage.
  • Different school of Sun Salutation and Moon Salutation, etc.

2nd- 30th May 2021
2nd - 30th June 2021
2nd - 30th July 2021
2nd - 30th August 2021
2nd - 30th September 2021
2nd - 30th October 2021
2nd - 30th November 2021
2nd - 30th December 2021

Course Accreditation & Hours

50 hrs

Date & Timings

2nd - 30th September 2021




Yogadarshanam School


Email: yogadarshanam@gmail.com | Phone: +91 9901760846


No.77/A, Shree Yogadarshanam 4th Main 3rd Stage Gokulam Mysore Karnataka

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