Are we all Kapha dominant in winters?

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Are we all Kapha dosha in winters?
How to beat it?

Hi Nicole, 

Each one of us have a unique prakrti according to ayurveda. One or two doshas may be dominant in us. 

Winter is a cold month and hence it is kapha dominant but it does not necessarily translate to its dominance in an individual. 

The environment naturally increases phlegm / mucus build up in the body. 

Yoga teaches us that excess kapha is one of the main causes of dis ease in the body. Hence it should be kept in check with practicing yoga and ayurveda - proper exercise, rest, diet, sleep etc. This should done in accordance with ones unique prakrti type which can be easily ascertained from an Ayurvaidya. 

General practices which i can suggest to reduce phlegm during winter include: 
Kapalbhati Kriya 
Nadi Suddhi Pranayama 


Other pranayama techniques: 
Surya Bhedana Pranayama
Bhastrika Pranayama


They are best done in the morning. 

In my opinion, breath and diet is one of the best ways to keep kapha in control. 
One simply cannot eliminate it completely as it is needed for vital functioning of the body and therefore needs to be kept in check. 

Drinking lukewarm water throughout the day or herbal tea also helps 

One can also try Vaman Dhauti Kriya or Neti if one is suffering from excess kapha build up. But remember to learn and practice the techniques under the guidance of a qualified yoga teacher only. 

I hope this was helpful for you! 

Thank you


Jairudi Rahman
Jairudi Rahman

thank you for sharing with us... :)


What is Kapha dosha, can you clarify it?


I will try to explain it to you. Kapha Dosha is one of the three parts of Ayurvedic medicine. It controls muscle growth, body strength, and your immune system. You can easily disrupt it by sleeping during the daytime, consuming too much sugar and drinks that contain too much salt or water. People with this dosha are described as strong, thick-boned, and caring. They’re known for keeping things together, and being a support system for others. They very rarely get upset. Would you like to become such a human creature? I can recommend you one great source that you can use in this case. You can find any information related to the daily yoga practice you want.

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