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Hi, I am suffering from PCOD, I have a hectic schedule with office work, 6 months back I started yoga with a home trainer , I have no change in my body. Honestly, I get bad cervical after doing yoga practice. I think I am losing interest & faith in yoga . 
Any suggestion where I am going wrong .. I really want to bring that enthusiasm but no idea ..

Hi Dear,
Sorry to hear that. We would love to encourage you to continue practicing at home, take time to understand what you can do to feel better when you feeling certain discomfort. All the answers are within us we just need to tune in by relaxing first and then attempting basic poses like supta baddhokanasan on a bolster for 10 mins with deep breaths, also bhujang asana and some lying down supine twist are quite helpful in PCOD. Pleasure and results are only coming with consistent practice and dediciation.  Just be on it, make mistakes and learn. Avoid head to move closer to your chest so positions like setubandha asana or sarvangasana as they can trigger the cervical condition. Strech your arms behind your body and your neck gently in all directions except forward. 
Wish you a beautiful jouney in your practice. 

thanks Prashant, since I didn't get any answers so I Started following YouTube classes. do you give online classes ?


I do, but i have stopped for the moment because of technical issues. Will be back soon. May be you can get in touch on Instagram or Fb so you be notified when i start again.
All the best for you.
Prashant Tewatia


Hi Rashi,

Sorry to hear about that, I have been there and cured pcod for myself with the help of Yoga. So I'd really want you to keep faith and be persistent.

It's important in pcod to control weight gain and it's even better when you can shed extra kilos that you might have taken..

I recommend please start your practice with Sun salutations 6 rounds(avoid tilting head backwards in step 2, 7 & 11) 

You can also choose to do it on moderate pace as it need not be rigourous yet good enough to make you sweat a bit.

Post that practice prone poses like

- Supported bhujangasana(sphinx) followed by classical bhujangasana-3-4 repitions and then add comfortable hold..

- Dhanurasana , you can start with ardha dhanurasana

- Naukasana

Supine poses like :

- Supta padangushthasana with belt

- Jatharparivartanasana (supine twist) 

-Supta badhakonasana as Prashant suggested

- Pawanmuktasana 

And then good relaxation and alternate nostril breathing (anulom vilom)

Along with asana there are some other aspects like eating on same times and following routine, taking proper sleep and some self abdomen massage adds on to curing pcod.

I hope this helps you, wishing you a lifelog friendship with your mat and practice :)


Sadhana Om

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