yoga poses for tight hamstrings

Fri, 07/31/2020 - 16:48 #1
Dr Supriya
Dr Supriya

Hi, I practice yoga thrice in a week. My hamstrings are really tight. What poses I should do for stretching and loosening them?


Dr. Supriya

Hi Dr. Supriya,

According to a recent studies done on Streching they found out that Streching is only effective when its done every day, even if its 2 mins per muscle group but everyday is the key, and its same in my own experience. Specially hamstrings gets tight very easily and quickly so they require even more attention and static streching. I mean you can always take a day of break in a week :)

Here i am sharing a link of my Instagram post where i had made 3 videos listing easy drills to loosen the hamstrings. And remember to also strengthen the hammies and not only streching. And you will find plenty of movements online to release and to strengthen as well. Hope it will help.

Here are my 4 favorites which i practice alsmot every day along with the link of videos above.

1) Supta Padangushta 1 & 2 asana with belt
2) Adhomukhaswan asana
3) Utaan asana
4) Parsvottan asan

Mitra - Prashant

Dr Supriya
Dr Supriya

Thank you prashant ji... i will give feedback after trying them! Hopefully! They will work!

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