the team of yoga mentors that will safeguard your interests by scanning the information being circulated on the Mitra - yoga discussion forum so that you get the authentic and apt direction to your yogic endeavors. Shakti will thus empower you with just the right wisdom ending your quest and dilemma regarding the information on yoga in India.

Shakti will thus empower you with just the right wisdom ending your quest and dilemma regarding the information on yoga in India.

Harshvardhan Jhaveri

Harshvardhan began his yoga practice at a very young age with his mother. In his later years, he felt a burning desire to learn this ancient tradition which led him to study and practice with traditional yoga masters from the Kaivalyadhama and Krishnamacharya traditions. His kneen interest in Yoga Shastra and Sanskrit led him to complete his Masters in Sanskrit and Indic Knowledge Systems from Kerala. His mission is to live, teach and widen the horizon of the real undiluted spiritual message of yoga.
Yoga is adhyatmika before it is anything else and this is the cornerstone of all self-healing sciences. Harsh believes that yoga is the grammar of all faiths and thus its universal versatility with all disciplines of true health spanning physical and psychological well-being.  Harsh is a practicing yoga scholar and is studying its various branches and understanding the traditions that have evolved from it. He continues to pursue his studies and interests in the different disciplines of philosophy like Samkhya, Advaita Vedanta of Shankaracharya and Kashmir Shaivism.
Harsh is privileged to have met many well-read scholars of Yoga and Sanskrit and has himself written and presented his research work in seminars and international conferences. A good orator, he has also been the Master of Ceremony for such academic events and celebrations. An ascendence of mighty peace is the greatest takeaway experienced by his students.

Prashant Tewatia

In my teaching, my mission is to bridge somatics, circular movement, and a new understandings in anatomy with Yoga Asana and the roots of the Iyengar Yoga method in a playful way to create an optimised and individual way of practicing Asana and other modalities of Movement. I was initiated into Yoga at an early age, watching my grandfather in a headstand every morning, having consistent yoga practice throughout High School and finally became a facilitator upon teaching friends during my studies in Ireland. As it often goes, I had to go to the West to realise my passion for the wisdom of Eastern Practices and Yoga and made my way back to India to learn the science and arts of this ancient practice.
Thirteen years on, I am still hungry to share, learn and engage in the bliss of Yoga as well as other somatic forms of Martial Arts, Qi Gung, Primal Movements as well as science-based knowledge to compliment each individual body.
From October to March I am running my own Yoga Studio - Udaan - Yoga & Movement Clinic and rest of the months travelling and teaching around Europe.

Sadhana Om

The pursuit of uncovering the secrets of Consciousness and a strong desire to experience life beyond suffering pulled me out of my corporate job and that's when I found refuge in Yoga. I left home to spend time in different ashrams exploring yogic lifestyle, teachings, Meditation. In addition to that, Solo traveling and several self-help books helped me overcome a depressive phase after a sudden death of my father and family crisis.
The seed was planted back in childhood since I was strongly inclined towards Bhakti yoga and Dhyan. Having spent some significant time exploring different styles of Yoga, i.e. Hatha Yoga, Raja Yoga, Ashtanga Vinyasa, Vinyasa Krama, Restorative, YinYoga over the past few years..I find Yoga asana as miraculous tool for self-transformation accessible to all but at the same time to be followed and structured carefully and mindfully since we all are unique individuals with our different needs. For me it’s important to have an attitude open to investigation, experiment, and discovery for a fruitful ground of experience, learning, and growth. I am currently engaged in the study Yoga Sutras, Bhagavad Gita & Ayurveda and its application in my life. A great deal of clarity took place after meeting and receiving Deeksha from my Guru, Om Swami, A realized Himalayan Monk.
My practice and teachings are traditional and intuitive at the same time with strong focus on breath and awareness so that each action becomes a meditation in motion, taking Yoga off the mat, making it a living practice. I consider Yoga as a way to truly bring transformation in both the body and mind while also help maintaining the balance in life.
Forever a student of life, I strongly believe that Yoga is a Sarva Hita (Good for all) Practice that can be adapted for everyone across all ages and walks of life and this is my biggest aspiration to share, inspire, motivate and guide people who I come across in this lifetime in all possible ways that I can.
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