Ergonomics with Medical Yoga Insight by Dr. Deepak Sachdeva


Ergonomics with Medical Yoga Insight by Dr. Deepak Sachdeva

Small changes make a Big difference


March 20 & 21
5:30 PM - 7:30 PM
Via Zoom



"Foggy brain, Strained neck, Sore shoulders and back, Knee Problem, Disc damage, Tight hips, Sciatica, Wrist pain. Are these issues overpowering your life?

Do you know slip disc or frozen shoulder, knee damages or carpal tunnel syndrome never happen overnight? It's the accumulated pressure due to continuous wrong posture of the body that leads to disastrous consequences one day.

If you seek to prevent or get freedom from these severely painful conditions, you need to register for this program

Two days online session with Dr. Deepak Sachdeva empower you with the wisdom of ergonomics at your workstation or at home. The body is working as soon as we rise and sit on our bed but do we stay conscious about our posture?

This ergonomically designed digital program is meant for everyone alive on earth. It will enrich you with the fundamentals of ergonomic (or human factor) designs in your daily routines that can optimize your overall health.

Facilitator Dr. Deepak Sachdeva, Founder of Medical Yoga Centre has hundreds of walk-in patients with musculoskeletal disorders due to the wrong posture, therefore he created this unique program to empower people with basic knowledge of our anatomy and how consciously designed work set up can avoid injuries or musculoskeletal disorders.

Did you check, how your shoulders are while reading about this program on your gadget? Though we cannot monitor our postures every moment but correction with the right props can avert severe health conditions in the long run

Enroll now! "

About Dr. Deepak Sachdeva Medical Yoga Centre

Dr. Deepak Sachdeva's Medical Yoga Centre is among India's foremost institutions for Holistic Treatment for different ailments and has received many accolades for its exceptional work in the past two decades of service. Today the institution is involved in research work on lifestyle ailments and is actively contributing to society by conducting regular seminars, Health talks, Treatment camps, etc.

The main area of work is:

  • Drugless treatment of joint pains
  • Drugless treatment of lifestyle disorders
  • Training yoga teachers in Advance Anatomy
  • Training of yoga teachers as Medical Yoga Therapists
  • Conducting Pain relief camps across the globe
  • Conducting Health talks and Seminars for different groups
  • Promotion of Organic food
  • Research and development of traditional Indian techniques for drugless treatment

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