Our Story

Yoga is everything & everywhere. 
One hit to search tab of Google with keyword “Yoga in India”.
Phew! Never ending list of yoga places, centres and shala.
Where to go? Which one to pick? Is it really good? Who is the teacher? Does it teach what I am looking for? There are hundreds and thousands of questions that come in our mind and sometimes become the reason of our intense brainstorming.
After lot of juggling with Indian names, shortlisted top ten.
Narrowed it to top five then…
Finally that super place to practice yoga is discovered.
Ahem! What a relaxation.
Time to write them an email and explore more about them, search more and more to ensure where I am going.
Email sent.
Email received – “Pay advance to book the space.”
Once again, think & re-think, is it right place to practice yoga?
Here, I make transaction and my hard-earned money goes in somebody’s pocket in the name of Guru Dakshina. This Guru is still unknown to me.
Now staying in fear of where I have paid money, until I land to that yoga place. Adding more and more anxiety to such an extent that will I be able to rejuvenate seems unsure.
Every time, I plan my yoga vacation in India, I undergo this entire cumbersome process.
This made me to create yoga portal that has list of verified yoga centres – “hellomyyoga”. Let’s get over with this lengthy process of search and fear of paying to unknown yoga centres. Let hellomyyoga assist you in finding your spiritual space to practice yoga.

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