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Why Prenatal yoga is Useful?

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Breathing: - The breathing practice is focused during the traini9ng because it prevents the women from shortness of breathing as this is the problem that occurs during the pregnancy to avoid these breathing practices are performed such as deep breathing. Breathing is one of the main practices that should be done during this time as it keeps the mind refreshed and prevents shortness of breathing. Many breathing yoga asanas are performed such as Brahmri Pranayama, Nadhi Shodhan Pranayama, etc.


Slow Stretching: - Gentle stretching is performed for the flexibility of muscles and to improve the endurance and strength of the muscles. Many body parts are stretched such as arms, neck, shoulders, etc which will keep the body fit. When the body is fully stretched out then the muscles get expanded and it increases flexibility in the body as well as increases endurance that means it will help a pregnant lady a lot.

Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga Course


Different type of yoga poses:- Different types of yoga poses are performed during the training because exercising during pregnancy is essential and is beneficial at the same time too. These yoga poses help women to get relief from lower back pain.


Some of the asana performed during the training are:- Marjariaasana, Konasana, Veerbhadraasana, Trikonasana,

Shavasana, etc 



Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga Course

100hours Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training

Om Yoga International, Kailashanand Mission Trust
Laxman Jhula, Tapovan, Rishikesh, India 249137
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How To Manage Auto Immune Disorders with Yoga

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Yoga is truly a lifestyle and thus has a complete message and the blueprint to make the right modifications and recalibrate your health.

What are Auto Immune Disorders-

Auto immune disorders means war within us, where the body is literally attacking itself. A lifestyle change backed by right yoga practices, diet and managing the mind can make significant positive impact on those suffering from Rheumatic Arthritis, Thyroid, Lupus, Alopecia, IBD, Type 1 Diabetes, Psoriasis and other auto immune disorders.

One of the most important challenges of Auto Immune disorders, is the changing condition of health/ pain/ suffering experienced each day which literally takes away the joy of living. Also Stress and anxiety are known to worsen the auto immune conditions.

Benefits of the Program-

  • Improvement in your energy levels and overall sense of wellbeing

  • Increased muscle strength and endurance

  • Better flexibility and mobility in joints

  • Reduction in stress and anxiety

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