Ujjayi Pranayama: Meaning, Benefits, How to Do, Ideal Time, Steps and More

Ujjayi pranayanama

Yoga is much more than just getting into different poses. Asanas and all the exercises are just a very little part of yoga. The main component of yoga is meditation and breathing. These two components can help people achieve real enlightenment. The part of yoga that is related to breath is known as pranayama

Our hectic lifestyle and stressed mind have led us all to a stage where we have forgotten how actually to live our lives. Health deterioration as a part of a bad lifestyle is very common today. Breathing has healing abilities. You should know that taking some deep breaths daily can release all your mental tension. It generates all the power in your body that will help your body cure many physical conditions. 

One such pranayama that can replenish your respiratory system is ujjayi pranayama. It is a great technique to attain much deeper spiritual goals. Victorius breathing is another popular name for ujjayi pranayama. Westerners have given this name. They believe that the expansion of the chest while practicing ujjayi pranayama mimics the action of a warrior after winning a war. 

Let’s take a deep breath and dive into the ocean of yogic exploration to learn about ujjayi pranayama yoga.

Meaning Of Ujjayi Pranayama

Ujjayi is a combination of two Sanskrit words. These words are “Uj” and “Jay.” These words together form the word ujjayi. The meaning of this word is to master something. This pranayama activates the chords of the throat. When you inhale air, which goes slowly down into the body while passing through the throat, a sound that mimics the oceanic waves is produced. Ocean breathing is another name for ujjayi pranayama. 

Ujjayi pranayama, when practiced perfectly, generates some sense of heat in our body. This internal heat works positively for our organs and brain. It removes all the negative energy and also stimulates our senses. In short, it awakens all the weakened systems in our bodies. 

There are no restrictions to practicing this pranayama pattern. One is free to perform this at any time of day and in any position. 

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Practicing ujjayi pranayama in the initial days might seem tough to some people. However, proper guidance and explanation will make the task much simple. Remember that only your throat must produce the ocean wave sound. This is the sign that you are heading in the right direction. 

We all have whispered about something with someone in our life. That slow-paced throat movement is what you must do in this. Breathe from your nostrils and try controlling your lower throat muscles. Take slow and deep breaths. Try attaining control over your breathing pattern. You should feel that the breath has reached deep down to your lungs. Expand your lungs and feel the air inside them. Now gently exhale the air while contracting your throat muscles. 

Empty your mind and focus on your breathing. Sense the eternity of your internal body and try to experience the divine. Any distraction during the process will hurdle the pranayama pattern. 

Ideal Time for Ujjayi Pranyama

The best part of ujjayi pranayama is that it can be practiced at any time of day. But we recommend you complete your routine before sunset. Whenever you feel tired, practicing this can boost your energy level. It will bring in the vigor that helps you perform your tasks actively. 

It is a great tool to help lower your depression and stress levels. So always remember to practice ujjayi pranayama during tough times to release all your mental anxiety. 

Meditation needs calmness and high patience levels. You have to be focused. This is what the regular practice of ujjayi pranayama develops in you. Performing it in your meditative stage can harness exceptional spiritual benefits. 

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Ujjayi Pranayama

Steps to Perform Ujjayi Pranayama (How to do Ujjayi Pranayama)

You do not need to be in a certain asana or position to practice ujjayi pranayama. All you have to do is control your throat muscle while taking deep breaths. It is a great way to bring in more energy for intense yoga asanas like Surya Namaskar. It brings all the calm and forces that help you attain heights in your yoga journey. 

It is recommended to join an online yoga course to learn this technique. Genuine guidance can enhance your ujjayi pranayama. 

Physical and Mental Benefits of Ujjayi Pranayama

There are innumerable ujjayi pranayama benefits that we can get. It is the perfect solution to many physical and mental problems. Also in yoga, it is known to be the easiest way to heal your body. It has positive effects on multiple nadis of your body. Prominent benefits of ujjayi pranayama are:

  1. Slows down aging by keeping the cells healthy and young. 
  2. Creates a strong mind-body connection. 
  3. Removes all the negativity from and around your body. 
  4. It is proven to treat multiple throat problems and illnesses. 
  5. Relax the mind and also helps you get better sleep
  6. Strengths the nervous system and improves blood circulation. 

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Ujjayi Pranayama FAQs

1. How many times a day can we practice ujjayi pranayama?

It completely depends on you. You can practice it as many times for any time period during the day. 

2. Can ujjayi pranayama for thyroid cure thyroid?

There are several studies to prove the positive effects of ujjayi yoga on thyroid-related problems. 

3. Why ujjayi pranayama is known as oceanic breathing?

The sound our throat produces while practicing ujjayi pranayama resembles the sound of the ocean. Hence it knows as oceanic breathing. 

4. How to activate your vagus nerve?

Controlling and exercising your vocal cords is the fastest way to activate the vagus nerve. This can be easily attained through the regular practice of ujjayi pranayama. 

5. How ujjayi pranayama ease mental stress?

Our blood pressure increases during tense states and stressful situations. Ujjayi pranayama is a master stroke to control and lower blood pressure to normal levels. Therefore it is a great way to ease your mental stress. Also, it creates all the essential calmness that decreases stress and depression symptoms. 

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Summing Up

Breathing and pranayama are highly focused in ancient Indian medical sciences. They have a strong reliance on curing chronic illness. Our yogic science has explained the ways and patterns that can help you reach the impossible. All you need to know is how to perform these asanas and yogic techniques properly. Have an exponential yogic experience with our online yoga programs


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