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Soul Circus Festival 2024: Date, Location & Activities

Soul Circus is a festival where vibrant yoga mats unfurl like petals beneath the open sky, where the rhythms of live music and the...

The Divine Trishakti: Mahakali, Mahalakshmi & Mahasaraswati

Shakti encompasses three vital forms: Gyan shakti, the power of knowledge; Dravya shakti, the power of wealth; and Kriya shakti, the power of action....

5 Faces of Ganesha: Mythical Stories That Shaped His Manifestations

Lord Ganesha, also known as Vighneshwar, Vakratunda, Ekdanta, Gajvadan, Gauripriya, etc., is revered before starting any new task. By invoking "Shri Ganesh," one seeks...

8 Branches of Ayurveda (Ashtanga Ayurveda Explained)

Ayurveda consists of two words- Ayuh, meaning Life, and Veda, meaning Science or Knowledge. In totality, Ayurveda means the Science of Life that amalgamates...

Pitru Paksha and Its Spiritual Importance (Honoring Our Ancestors)

During Pitru Paksha, Hindus honor their ancestors to provide them with eternal peace. This observance occurs over a significant period of 16 days, coinciding...

Understanding the Essence of Tapa with Dr. N Ganesh Rao

Embracing the inherent role of suffering in our lives and recognizing the valuable lessons it brings, we unlock the power of wisdom and compassion....

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