Beat the heat with Ayurvedic Wisdom

Out of the six seasons documented in the Vedas, summer, or Greeshma, falls under Adana Kal, meaning when the sun is at its peak-taking away all Earth's cooling effects and increasing Pitta levels. Our body naturally helps regulate the temperature within when it gets too hot outside. B...


Slow Down & Simply Be!

In a rush to get everything done in this hectic world, it may seem impossible sometimes to find time for doing nothing. You heard it right-doing absolutely nothing! By doing nothing, we do not mean lazying on your couch watching a show on Netflix or scrolling through ...


Healthy Food for #WFH

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This pandemic Coronavirus has brought us back to our homes though with lot of work and also freely moving around to our favorite place in the house, “the kitchen”. Raise your hand if you are part of the gang! Are we getting more carefree and overindulging in a routine that can create health...


Preventive dimensions of Yoga Ayurveda and Naturopathy

We are comprised of Panchmahabhoota which have innate tendency that is essential for people to sustain, survive and flourish. Therefore the alternate systems of medicine are gaining prominence in the contemporary world which remains under constant threat of falling prey to multiple disorders both ...


Comprehending Yoga Therapy

With the increasing scope of yoga therapy, the challenge to communicate its relevance and the role of yoga therapists increases manifold. In order to communicate in a lucid language the meaning and application of different terms associated with yoga therapy, efforts are made by renowned yoga therapi...


Drinking too much water, right or wrong?

It is said that water is life. True, our body is made up of 70% water and is therefore an essential element for survival.  How much we drink each day depends upon our habits, climatic conditions and the kinds of food we eat. Moreover water helps in detoxing our bodies, maintaining body temperat...


hellomyyoga ‘Namastey’- All the Way to Every Individual

Namastey and a warm welcome to every yogi and every yoga seeker. Namastey is a form of greeting prevalent here in India. Namastey is to respect and bow from one individual to another creating positive vibes and curbing the negative energies. A long standing tradition which comes from a meaningful an...


Good Food and Yoga to balance the Doshas

We all wish to lead a happy and prosperous life and each one of us have a different definition of prosperity or we may use good as a synonym for prosperity. Ironically when we look around most of the things, people and situations seem to be bad and untrustworthy. What has created so much complexitie...


Fear of "NOT" doing Yoga

We have so many fears and anxieties moving around us. We wish and ought to do so much that missing out on something essentially important makes us go hayway. Like talking to your valuable clients, reverting to someone on time, paying our dues, giving time to our loved ones, ourselves and the un...


It’s all about Khichdi

Khichdi, traditional Indian dish relish by rich, poor, history says even emperor Akbar was fond of Khichdi. It is a popular food amongst Ayurvedic experts, dieticians & nutritionist, Indian mothers’ kitchen and yogis. It is considered to be baby’s diet due to its soft nature and complete mea...


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