Meditation for Overthinking: 5 Tips on How to Stop Overthinking


Do you tend to overthink things? Have you attempted to quiet the chatter, but you can feel your mind’s wheels spinning in overdrive? 

You are not alone. 

Overthinking is a typical problem for many people. Guided meditation for overthinking can help clean the mind’s ideas and calm the continual chatter. 

When you overthink, your mind is continuously racing, replaying the same scenarios, other things you might have done or said, or even things that could happen in the future. An overthinking mind does not rest.

Overthinkers frequently worry too much about the following day rather than living in the present. Overthinking can detract from the current moment, leaving you feeling depleted of enthusiasm and vitality. In such cases, people should do meditation to stop overthinking

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What Is Overthinking?

Overthinking is the act of thinking excessively or ruminating about a particular subject or situation. It can lead to anxiety and stress and make it difficult to take action or make decisions. 

It is a common issue many people struggle with and can be addressed through techniques such as mindfulness, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and medication

People who overthink too much must perform meditation for overthinking as it helps to divert the mind from negative thoughts and help a person think positively. 

How to Stop Overthinking with Meditation?

Meditation involves paying attention to your breath, body sensations, and thoughts without judgement. By regularly practising different types of meditation, you can develop the ability to recognize when your thoughts are becoming excessive. Then, you can take steps to redirect your attention to the present moment. 

Additionally, certain types of meditation practices can help to reduce overall stress levels, which can contribute to overthinking. 

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Here are some of the best meditation techniques to stop overthinking. 

1. Begin with Controlled Breathing

Controlled breathing is a powerful tool for mind-stilling. However, in reality, many meditation methods are purely focused on breathing, with the expectation that mental and emotional benefits will follow.

Simply focusing on our breath has been shown to have beneficial effects, such as soothing the nervous system and lowering emotions of anxiousness. 

Meanwhile, paying attention to your breath gives you a steady focus point throughout meditation, a nice distraction from distracting ideas. So, if you are wondering, “How to overcome overthinking and negative thoughts?” the best answer is controlled breathing.

2. Meditate With Group

Overthinkers may not feel as comfortable practicing meditation alone as they do with others. Joining online yoga programs is one great way to do it.

Meditating with others has its advantages as well. Collective meditation has the potential to enhance your meditation experience.

Knowing you’re not alone in your quest for mental serenity might help you relax. Meditation is about finding calm and relaxation; if you can do it alongside others, that’s fantastic! 

3. Declutter Your Mind

Overthinking indicates that something is bothering you. Get to the root of your apprehension and deal with it head-on. Meditation can help you clear your thoughts. You can organize, prioritize, and evaluate your thoughts swiftly and clearly. 

Once you’ve identified the issue, you can start resolving it. It will assist in avoiding drifting through a slew of unconnected and bad ideas. 

4. Overcome Negative Thoughts

It is human nature that the majority of the time, we seek someone to blame for the mess in our lives. After all, it’s much simpler to cope with difficulties when you can blame someone else. Meditation can help you overcome negative characteristics such as finger-pointing and fault-finding. 

Try practicing mindfulness meditation, as it helps eliminate all the negative thoughts roaming your mind and fill your life with positivity. It will help you stop overthinking tremendously. You can expel bad ideas and pursue greater truths in this mindful zone. It will allow you to concentrate on more important thoughts and actions.

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5. Also Practice Yoga Asanas

Yoga asanas before meditation will also help you enter into a contemplative state. Yoga and movement can help relieve stress and increase attentiveness. Yoga can also assist with bodily aches that you may be concentrating on while meditating.

Meditation sessions are available both in person and online. In addition, offline and online Meditation Courses can both be beneficial. 

If an empty mind is too unpleasant, you can try movement meditation, tai chi, yoga, or even walking meditation. Even a lot of people search for ‘How to get rid of overthinking with yoga?’ We hope they have got their answer here. 

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Step-by-Step Process to Meditate to Stop Overthinking

Are you wondering how to control overthinking with meditation? If yes, try the following meditation process, and you will see the change yourself.

  1. Find a quiet, comfortable place where you won’t be disturbed.
  2. Sit or lie down in a comfortable position.
  3. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths.
  4. Focus on your breath, inhaling and exhaling deeply and slowly.
  5. When your mind starts to wander, and you find yourself overthinking, gently redirect your focus back to your breath.
  6. Continue this process for as long as you like, aiming for at least 10-15 minutes daily.
  7. Gradually increase the duration of your meditation sessions as you become more comfortable with the practice.
  8. If it is hard for you to focus, you can try guided meditation with an app or video.
  9. Remember to be kind to yourself, and don’t get discouraged if your mind wanders. The practice is to observe your thoughts, not to control them.

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Summing Up!!!

So, this is how you can control overthinking with meditation and bring more positivity and joy to your life. During meditation, racing thoughts are natural, but don’t allow them to overwhelm you or your comfortable meditative state. Even though you are overworked, it is sometimes necessary to let your mind relax.

What meditation means to me may not mean the same thing to you. We all meditate in different ways. The benefit of meditation is the one thing they all have in common.

Meditation can help even if you are an overthinker. All you have to do now is choose the best meditation for overthinking and see the change in yourself!


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