Anandmayi Maa

We Indians entered new year with auspicious, pious, graceful and symbol of strength  the nine goddesses manifesting in infinite forms to nurture, balance, strengthen, prosper and illuminate the human beings on this earth. We bow and pay our gratitude to the Shakti who is magnificent  pouri...


Satipatthana Sutta

Lord Buddha enlightened the mankind by providing doorways to positive reality and acquainting every being with his mind, body, feelings and spirit. Satipatthana Sutta is the path that leads to truth and freedom from all suffering. The first step involves identifying ourselves physical, mental and em...


Divine Insight- Spreading the Yogic Light

Humans are considered to be the best creation of almighty because he has the capability to think, feel, imagine and evolve. But while the process of evolving we became unintentionally self- involved that we left behind our true selves. Many of us can feel the urge to unleash our spirits and lead our...


Pratyahara-The Empowering Limb

Our body is a doorway to our intellectual and spiritual aspects. It is both subtle and strong with a complex network of nerves, bones, muscles and organs with each having its defined set of roles. Every part of our body is in some way connected to our mind, body and soul and keep transmitting signal...


Fear of "NOT" doing Yoga

We have so many fears and anxieties moving around us. We wish and ought to do so much that missing out on something essentially important makes us go hayway. Like talking to your valuable clients, reverting to someone on time, paying our dues, giving time to our loved ones, ourselves and the un...


Taming the Rage

Things around are changing at the speed of lightning, people are running all day preoccupied mentally beyond one's capacity to take tasks and thoughts. Day and night trying to survive this worldly demands. Actually we have created machines and in fact are too much influenced by its feature of just r...


The Conversation on Happiness

We were discussing the meaning of happiness, over few drinks: a philosophical discussion between friends. Unlike me, they were all from Ivy League colleges and had erudite knowledge of philosophy, researches and studies, so they had a lot to say about the working of mind and happiness. It was a very...


Recycling our Vision

Today’s fast paced life has made people quite impatient and impulsive. The mounting work pressures, stress has generated dissatisfaction as we are missing out the things we require out of our lives. These emotional disturbances at times cloud our vision so much that we aren’t able to analyze the...


Yoga –This Vacation

The summer season is here and soon the kids will be beginning with their new classes of activities to learn and explore the things in store for them this season. It isn’t easy to engage the kids when it comes to something related to the health aspect. But not anymore, yoga summer camps are here to...


The Urge to Blame

It’s natural, I guess, the urge to blame the world, in all of us; assuming not many of us have become Buddha. I am not saying that we keep blaming the world for our problems but there exists a desire deep inside that wants to come out and blame for our problems or things we see as problems. Some s...


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