Lord Buddha enlightened the mankind by providing doorways to positive reality and acquainting every being with his mind, body, feelings and spirit. Satipatthana Sutta is the path that leads to truth and freedom from all suffering. The first step involves identifying ourselves physical, mental and emotional reality, our internal and external structure and its interactions within and with the outer world.  With alertness living in the present reality consciously performing acts, functions and interactions. Understanding the nature of our physical being its vulnerabilities and strengths.

Next step is taming and conditioning the mental, emotional and physical framework in such a way that the mind, body and soul are able to attain empowerment to overcome mental and physical suffering. It comes from motivated approach to practice Righteousness in every act and every thought so much so that it gets imbibed in our personality.

Here the reference of four Noble truths comes into picture which state that there is suffering in the world, cause of suffering is desire and attachment that arises from our ignorance and clinging to five aggregates which makes up personality of a being- matter, sensations, perceptions, thoughts and consciousness. Third the suffering can end through Nirvana and the fourth truth speaks about the path of achieving Nirvana which includes incorporating the Eight Fold path through practice and acceptance of reality and thus detaching ourselves from worldly pursuits and fear of losing self or other beings close to us which are impermanent and mortal but become a cause of suffering if not attuned and balanced can cause both physical and mental agony.

All this requires alertness and ardent approach to forsake ill will and wandering nature of mind and feelings and surrendering to supreme power by empowering oneself through Right Understanding, Right Thought, Right Speech, Right Action, Right Livelihood, Right Effort, Right Mindfulness and Right Concentration. Thus Mindfulness is one of the elements of Eight Fold Path which can be achieved by staying alert, abandoning the negative and painful attachments and acceptance of life and world as it is. Only then one can achieve freedom from emotional and physical sufferings and break away from the cycle of rebirth and walking on the right path with awakened mind driving away the unskillful qualities and allowing mind to embrace skillful qualities and leading a happy and mindful life.