Yoga is salubrious with its infinite dimensions. The most prominent being the power to heal. Most of us turn to yoga when we have any kind of illness or vyadhi as we call it in yoga and also seek instant resolution to our dis + ease( the state of unease). 

Is yoga therapy, “yoga” or is it just a part of it. Do you know how profound yoga therapy actually is? Is it just confined to relieving the physical, psychological, and emotional discomfort or provides eternal bliss and contentment?

What is it that connects us to yoga?

Let’s find these answers and understand ourselves and our environment which is the first step in yoga therapy.
At CYTER, we aim to integrate modern medical solutions and experiential yoga with constant research and presentation of vast resources on yogic wisdom.  Yoga being an integral part of learning, equip every medical student and apprentice by providing profound exposure to yoga and its various branches paving the way to holistic learning.

The approach to healing is centered at Salutogenesis- the sources of health rather than focusing on disease. Salutogenesis works on the principles of sense of Coherence that our world is understandable, manageable and meaningful in order to work in the positive direction of healing and well-being.

It is shifting focus from disease - Treatment paradigm to health generative one-the wellness paradigm using yoga therapy as a tool.
The true & wholesome definition of health-Swasth lies in the balanced state of equilibrium of all metabolic systems, doshas, dhatus and agnis, dynamic elimination of toxins from the body and spiritual, mental and emotional contentment.
Moreover, the essence of yoga therapy lies in the panchkoshas the five layers that we are comprised of: Annamaya- the physical existence, Pranamaya- the energy existence, Manomaya – Psychological existence, Vijnanamaya- intellectual existence and Anandamaya- universal existence that reside at the cellular level too. If these koshas are in equilibrium and harmony an individual can avert vyadhi. Thus the ancient theories focus on a patterned approach to health not just suppressing the symptoms of a disease. Apart from the approach, the dexterous application of traditional yoga is equally important.

The cause of disease as identified in yoga starts with the perception especially the sense of identifying ourselves different from the universe- Dwaitam, the sense of duality leading to fear and stress which then affects systematically the Manomaya and Vijnanamaya kosha, the Pranamaya kosha and finally the Annamaya kosha where the disease is manifested as Dukham. (Avidya) distorted perception clouds vision of reality causing fear, and manifests into false identity (Asmita), (dwesha ) dislikes, (raga)  likes and finally the Abhinivesha  (our actions )that causes imbalance adhi and finally into vyadhi, disease. Psychosomatic disorders are at the root of Dukham. As per yoga Chikitsa, the Dwaitam and misconceived sense of self-identity emanating from Avidya and Asmita if countered well can help prevent disease from progressing and also pave the way to holistic health.

While Yogopathy only works on healing the symptoms of any disease, focus more on doing rather than being your true self.   Yoga Therapy aims to identify the cause of disharmony and establish psycho-physiological balance by helping the individual disassociate from negative tendencies and mal identification.

Everything we do is an act of dexterity if we follow a balanced approach as mentioned in Ashtanga yoga and constantly refine our skills and action with the tools of yoga. Yoga Therapy helps in correcting misalignment - disassociation of the five koshas within the body- called NARA and acquire the state of tranquil, equality in existence- Narayana” through mindful actions be it Achar,(healthy physical activities) vichar ( Good thoughts), Ahar(healthy diet), Vihar ( proper rest and recreation Vyavahar( healthy social relationships) to establish equilibrium in the Panch koshas leading to Psych Neuroimmunology.

Our response to stress can direct us towards the positive paradigm of health and a better version of ourselves.  Perceiving challenge as an opportunity to transform ourselves leads to a breakthrough in well being. Yoga Therapy empowers us to be at ease with ourselves and achieving an integrated state of Coherence Sthira Sukham.