Our mind wanders throughout the day in search of peace and belongingness. Then one day we decide to go to a place where we can just sit and listen to the sound of nature which doesnt demand anything but takes us in its lap and comfort us with its soothing silence, soft breeze and musical sounds of its creatures.

Aurovalley ashram in Rishidwar is that awesome place which is dedicated to the service of mankind and is always there to support human beings irrespective of the caste colour or gender of a person. Founded in 1985 by Swami Brahmdev, it is a non profit organization registered as a yoga institution by the govt. of India. lt is located in close vicinity to Rajaji National park This ashram is inspired by Sri Aurobindo, and Mata Mirra Alfassa, the spiritual collaborator of Sri Aurobindo.

The ashram teaches integral yoga which aims to understand the real self and the divinity present in every being. Integral yoga is a combination of classical spiritual yoga with other forms like jnana yoga, karma yoga and bhakti yoga. Each individual can practice the yoga which brings him closer to the divine.

The day starts at 6 am with collective mediation followed by yoga asanas and a slot dedicated to karma yoga where people can involve in daily chores of the ashram according to their choice. There are also other activities if one wants to practice karma yoga or study. Moreover Swami Brahmdev is always there to unsolve the mysteries of life and answer to the queries of people. Regular yoga classes, satsangs and kirtans provide enlightenment to the soul and peace to the mind.

Auro valley runs courses on integral yoga throughout the year. People come here with their families and spent time in activities of their interest like swimming, walks, music or dancing. It helps in complete transformation of the soul and allows a person to adopt the virtues of yoga in their daily lives too. Like most of the ashrams the food served here is satvik. The ashram has a plethora of literature to nurture the mind.

One notable feature  is the kadam tree planted in the ashram which was nurtured with the soil from 29 countries, it is a symbol of one universe.

The ashram also promotes initiatives to help the unprivileged children to learn and grow. It encourage the people to serve the society according to their capacity and happiness in any way be it monetary, material, intellectual or spiritual.

Aurovalley is a home to its family members all across the world and everyone belongs to this kutumb.

Address: Raiwala, Uttarakhand 249205
Phone: 0135 248 4851