Who is Yogi and Who is Yogini? Differences & Meaning


These two words seem to be easily comprehensible: yogi (male devotee) and yogini (female devotee). But the meaning of yogi and yogini is too profound and is beyond the body. It pertains to the different aspects of beings. 

According to mythology, Shiva is the Yogi, and Shakti is the Yogini which is manifested in every human being in different forms of energies.

Shiva: The First Yogi

Shiva was the first among the yogis- Adiyogi, who brought enlightenment and unearthed the mysteries of existence and eternal bliss.

Shakti: The First Yogini

Shakti- Goddess Parvati was his first disciple to whom he taught yoga, the art of unifying mind, body and soul. Shakti was a yogini as she surrendered herself to Shiva, and all her efforts were focused on understanding and experiencing what the adiyogi experiences while meditating.

It happened once when Parvati asked Shiva the secret of his bliss and happiness and wanted to experience the same within her. Shiva accommodated Parvati within him and shed half of his body away. Since then, they are worshipped as Shiva and Parvati. Shiva has awakened different forms of Shakti within him as

  • Chit Shakti-consciousness
  • Ichha Shakti-will power
  • Anada Shakti-bliss
  • Kriya-shakti-action and
  • Jnana Shakti-Knowledge

In the same way, we should accommodate the energy that is beneficial for sustainability and well-being.

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Understanding Meaning of Yogi and Yogini

As mentioned earlier, it is something beyond the physical state of a person. Both yogi and yogini attained the highest level of consciousness by being receptive and accommodating to whatever comes before them but still differ in nature and thus require the unification of energies of both in order to be a complete soul and body.

  • Shiva is infinite, and Shakti is finite.
  • Shiva is the destruction of negativity around and cleansing in order to pave the way for new and refined forms. Shakti is nature which is infusing life and sustaining life on earth in different forms.
  • Shiva is masculine, strong, static and unagitated, whereas Parvati is feminine, gentle, dynamic and creative. 

In every human, the two facets are present some have the yogi side more dominant, while in others, the yogini side is more dominant. The actual side is visible when a person reacts to real situations that affect a person deeply, like pressure, joy, anger, pain, and pleasure.

All our feelings of love, anger, insecurity, sincerity, kindness, compassion etc., reflect the two facets present in us. Any act instigating or driving us towards the suffering of self or others is the imbalance of the two energies.

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In order to balance them, we need to combine the two energies through Yoga and connect with the infinite to attain the right knowledge, right conduct and right living. It will facilitate inner transformation and refine our response and interactions with the outer world. We need to subdue the dominant aspects and enhance the dormant ones to establish balance and harmony. In true sense yogi or yogini is within each one of us who has attained self-realization and channelized the energies in a positive direction.


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