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Our health and wellness courses help you achieve mental and physical fitness and live a fulfilling life. Through our yoga sessions, you will be motivated to create a happier environment and live a better life.

Online Health and Wellness Courses

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About hellomyyoga

Offering Purposeful & Transformational Yoga Courses Online


Our vision at hellomyyoga is to make the power of ancient yogic sciences accessible to everyone and to help them reach their full potential by creating a supportive and inclusive space to learn, grow, and find fulfillment.

We strive to empower individuals to improve their mental, physical, environmental, and spiritual well-being, and to promote awareness and connection with the wider global community.

Our online yoga and wellness courses provide pathways to self-discovery and meaningful growth, making us proud to have earned the support and trust of 77+ countries!

As a company, we are committed to providing high-quality, accessible, and engaging online yoga courses, while offering a safe and welcoming space for people to connect, learn, and grow.


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Why Choose Online Yoga Courses and Programs by hellomyyoga

Why Trust hellomyyoga for Health and Wellness Courses?

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Specially Curated Programs

Experienced yoga and meditation practitioners design our wellness courses to meet different learning goals. We aim to help everyone achieve a stress-free, peaceful, and happier life.

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Focus on Skill Development

Our yoga sessions are ideal for health professionals and wellness enthusiasts who want to hone their skills. We adopt a holistic approach that ensures emotional, physical, spiritual, social, and intellectual wellness.

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Expand Personal Horizons

Sign up for our health and wellness yoga programs to form a sustainable lifestyle and healthy habits around relationship management, nutrition, stress management, exercise, and more.

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Mental and Physical Wellness

We help you adopt a healthy lifestyle where you eat healthy and practice yoga daily. This will make you feel relaxed and rejuvenate your hair and skin. Soon, you will feel better mentally and physically.

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Supportive Community

Our wellness courses give you an opportunity to interact with like-minded people, and you’ll progress alongside fellow community members spanning a range of cultures, ages, and experiences.

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Highly Experienced Instructors

We have committed and proficient trainers in our team who have invested years in mastering yoga and meditation practices. They have designed courses derived from old scriptures trusted by many for ages.

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FAQs Related to Health and Wellness Yoga

Yoga has become a go-to solution for many physical and mental issues. People around the globe practice it regularly for its ample benefits. Yoga has been a trusted remedy for ages as it:

  • Improves strength, balance and flexibility

  • Eases arthritis symptoms

  • Helps with back pain relief

  • Enhances heart health

  • Improves posture

  • Builds muscle strength

  • Helps you sleep better

  • Improves energy and mood

  • Manages stress

  • Promotes self-care

  • Keeps diseases at bay

If you are also going through an illness or chronic condition, join yoga wellness courses by hellomyyoga.

Yes, yoga is known for its physical and mental benefits, working as a great antidote to stress and mental conditions. It includes several stress-reducing techniques which help clear the mind, relax the body, and control breathing. 

More and more people are practising yoga for positive growth and self-improvement. So, if you want to live a happier life, start practising yoga for mental health now, and you will see the results within a few sessions.

We highly recommend yoga for stress relief as it encourages physical and mental relaxation, thus, reducing stress and anxiety. It is known for releasing mood-boosting endorphins, also known as feel-good hormones, that affect us positively and manage stress. 

Yoga poses alleviate pains, promote flexibility, and release physical blockages, such as muscle knots, which eliminate tension and negative emotions. We are able to focus on the present during yoga sessions, which enhances our awareness and centres our mind. 

As we become fully aware of our thoughts, emotions, and feelings, we learnt o let go of negative experiences and cultivate positive feelings, such as joy and love.

Research has shown that yoga is an effective tool to lose weight, combined with healthy eating habits and disciplined yoga sessions. Many practice yoga for weight loss as it calms the mind and enhances mental health, resulting in more mindful and healthy food choices. 

Moreover, it helps you manage stress, curb emotional or stress eating, and improve your mood, which is essential for maintaining a balanced weight. 

With regular yoga sessions, you can burn calories, increase your muscle mass, and tone your body. You can also reduce joint pain and increase mindfulness.

Health and wellness yoga programs are a great way to improve mental well-being, create mental clarity, and enhance concentration. Here are some more benefits of yoga:

  • Improves sleep cycle and quality

  • Relives chronic stress patterns

  • Increases body awareness

  • Centres attention

  • Keeps your brain young 

  • Promotes healthy habits

  • Enhances social life

  • Boosts concentration, memory, and focus

  • Relaxes mind

Meditation helps us become more focused and attentive while eliminating a stream of jumbled and chaotic thoughts that often cause stress. Evidence shows that it can produce a state of deep relaxation and calm mind. 

Several health and wellness courses promote meditation as it enhances physical and emotional well-being, fighting common mental conditions like depression, insomnia, and anxiety. Regular meditation sessions help:

  • Gain a new perspective on stressful situations

  • Increase the ability to process information

  • Overcome stress, anxiety, and depression

  • Manage and heal the pain

  • Reduce negative thoughts and emotions

  • Improve sleep quality

  • Strengthen relationships

  • Improve creativity

  • Lower blood pressure

  • Increase tolerance and patience

  • Support the immune system

  • Reduce inflammation

  • Become more efficient and energetic

  • Reduce ageing

Mindfulness means being present and fully engaged with what’s happening at the moment. It’s the ability of our mind to be focused on whatever we are doing at a particular moment, free from any distraction or judgement. 

We are aware of our feelings, thoughts, and the space we are moving through. Some may think it’s no big deal to cultivate mindfulness, but we, as humans, often veer from the matter at hand, which can be quite annoying. 

While working on a task, soon our mind takes flight, we are hardly focused on what’s happening around us, we even lose touch with our body, and soon we are in a different zone. The good news is we can train our minds to be fully aware through regular meditation and yoga sessions. When we teach our mind to be present, we also teach ourselves to live in the present, not beholden to reactive thoughts and feelings, which helps us face challenging situations.

Special Initiatives

Digital and real-world noise have caused us to become restless creatures of indecision. Our mind attaches to the ego, which causes us to misunderstand reality. 

hellomyyoga has created special initiatives for people looking to live healthier lives. Our yoga courses and programs provide holistic knowledge to adopt a healthy lifestyle for better mental health and happy ageing.

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