What is Brahma Muhurta? Timings, Top Benefits, Tips and More


Brahma muhurta is the early morning time before sunrise, considered auspicious by yogis and health experts. This pre-dawn time is believed to be the best to start or do any spiritual activity, mantra meditation, yoga, or pranayama. Also known as divine moment, there are ample benefits of brahma muhurta meditation, such as enhanced concentration, calm mind, improved overall health, etc. 

In this write-up, we have shared the definition, benefits, significance, timings, and other details of brahma muhurta, which will help you make the best of this powerful time of the day to attain maximum spiritual growth and health benefits.

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What is Brahma Muhurta?

Brahma, in Hinduism, is the ‘creator’ of the universe, and the word means ‘creation’. Muhurta means ‘time period’. Hence, brahma muhurta translates to ‘time of brahma’, ‘time of divinity’, or ‘sacred time’. It is the earliest time of the morning, just before sunrise, when our life force or prana is strongest. 

Brahma muhurta is considered the best time to practice yoga as it is believed that this is when the mind and body are in perfect balance. Also, at this hour, the aim is peaceful and calm, which brings a sense of serenity. 

Many yoga gurus believe that brahma muhurta is the most conducive to spiritual practice. It is also known as ‘Amrit Vela’, which means Ambrosial Period, and is the time when our mind is in sync with the subtle energies of nature. 

Brahma Muhurta Timings

If you are wondering what time is brahma muhurta, then here is the answer.

It begins 1 hour and 36 minutes prior to sunrise and lasts for 48 minutes. Therefore, brahma muhurta timings range anywhere between 3:30 a.m. to 5:30 or 6:00 a.m. (depending on the time of sunrise).

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Top Benefits of Brahma Muhurta

Brahma muhurta is a peaceful time when the energy of the universe is in perfect balance with minimal distractions. Therefore, it is easier to concentrate on yoga practice and meditation

Also, it is the ideal time to align body and mind, making oneself feel more energised and refreshed. This is the best time of the day to indulge in spiritual and calming activities, such as mantra chanting, prayer, yoga, walking, reading, etc. 

It stimulates the brain to feel creative and energetic and fills the heart with peace, compassion, acknowledgement, and love. Let’s discuss the exclusive benefits of waking up in brahma muhurta: 

1. Free from Distractions

One of the greatest brahma muhurta benefits is it allows you to practice yoga or focus on one activity without interruptions. It is the quiet time when people can concentrate on intense activities and meditation as our mind is free from any stress or anxieties that often obscure our vision. 

We can cultivate an atmosphere of serenity to facilitate our spiritual endeavours and create an environment of contemplation and peace. Moreover, it enables us to access our inner knowledge and get clarity about key aspects of life. 

2. Ensures Overall Health

According to Ayurveda, any person willing to live a disease-free and healthy life should start the day with brahma muhurta. It is the time when our food is completely digested, and our system is ready to begin its work for the day. Even Bhagavad Gita and Vedas emphasise the importance of waking up early to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

3. Balances Mind with Nature

A human body is a consequence of different phenomenal happenings, popularly known as the cosmos. Brahma muhurta helps us get in sync with nature and makes us realise that we are a collection of many forces and elements.  

4. Provides Cleanest Oxygen

In the early morning, the air is cleaner with less pollution. Hence, people who exercise or practice yoga during brahma muhurta get to breathe in healthier air. 

As per a 2021 research article, oxygen during brahma muhurta mixes easily with haemoglobin and forms oxy-haemoglobin, which helps nourishing the remote tissues at a faster rate. With tissue performance up-to-date, the effects of yoga, meditation, and other workout activities are amplified. 

5. Intensifies the Transmission of Knowledge

Vata, or air element in our body, is dominant during brahma muhurta, which regulates communication and movement. It also enhances flexibility, clarity, creativity, and lightness. 

As Vata governs the flow of breath and microscopic and macroscopic movements and contraction of muscles, the transmission of knowledge is maximum during the early hours of the day. This is one of the major brahma muhurta benefits for students, as what they study during this time, they remember it for longer and clearer. 

Tips for Practising Yoga During Brahma Muhurta

Many people practice meditation and yoga during brahma muhurta. However, for beginners, it can be challenging, especially if you are not a morning person. 

Here are a few tips to follow to make the best of your yoga sessions at this mystical time:

  • To wake up before dawn the next day, you need to sleep early the night before and get adequate sleep. It will ensure your mind and body are relaxed and well-rested. You shouldn’t feel tired upon waking up.
  • Set your alarm a few minutes before brahma muhurta. This will give you enough time to begin your yoga practice, and you won’t have to rush.
  • Prepare a routine and stick to it so that your body can get used to that schedule and it’s easier for you to wake up early. It may take a few weeks to make this a habit and reset your biological clock to a new sleep cycle. So, be patient, and once you make it a part of your daily life, you’ll see incredible benefits in no time.
  • The space where you practice yoga should be free from any fuss. There should be peace and calm so you can focus. If you are taking an online yoga course, make sure you only have access to audio and video (if needed) and there are no other distractions.
  • Keep the lighting low to create a peaceful environment and facilitate a deeper connection.
  • Join an authentic online yoga program.
  • Give yourself enough time to reflect on your yoga practice once you are done. Honour your efforts and acknowledge all the positivity, insights, feelings, and progress. 

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Brahma Muhurta FAQs

1. What to do in brahma muhurta?

Brahma muhurta is an auspicious time to practice yoga, meditation, and spiritual activities.

2. When is brahma muhurta?

Brahma muhurta is the time just before sunrise. It is the earliest time of the morning when our life force or prana is strongest.

3. When does brahma muhurta start?

Brahma muhurta begins 1 hour and 36 minutes before sunrise and lasts for 48 minutes. It can be anywhere between 3:30 a.m. to 5:30 or 6:00 a.m., depending on sunrise.

4. Can we sleep after brahma muhurta?

It is not advisable to sleep after meditating during Brahma Muhurta as it can destroy all the cosmic energy that you gain while meditating.

5. Why is brahma muhurta the best time for meditation?

This is the ideal time when our mind is relaxed and fresh, and there is a sense of calmness. During brahma muhurta, purity dwells in the atmosphere, making it the best time for meditation.


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