Clay Pot Water In Summer: Have Cold Water The Ayurveda Way

Nature consists of five elements: space, air, fire, water, and earth. In Ayurveda, these are called Aakash, Vaayu, Agni, Jal, and Prithvi, respectively, and all living beings draw energies from these five elements. Water is necessary for life on Earth - It makes up a...


Who is Yogi and who is Yogini?

These two words seem to be easily comprehensible as male devotee and female devotee. But the meaning too profound and is beyond body. It pertains to the different aspects of beings.  According to mythology, Shiva is the Yogi and Shakti is the Yogini which is manifested in every human being i...


I am an Indian

A man once asked a friend of mine what made an Indian different from others. She was used to this question as she had met many people from abroad and it was one of those questions that were always hurled at her, at some point in the conversation. She talked about Vedas, Upanishads, Yoga, sadhus, gur...

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