A Journey to Home!


Pitru Paksha, a 16-day period during which Hindus pay tribute to their departed ancestors, is traditionally observed in India by performing devotional acts such as visiting temples and giving alms to the poor. During Pitru Paksha you can offer prayers at home or visit the temples for Shradh (a ceremony of remembrance). The ritual entails offerings of prayer, food, and donation to make amends for those we’ve lost – along with wishing them well wherever they may be now.

This is a day to say thank you to all the past generations who have contributed to our life.

Soul: Unborn & Eternal!

In the Bhagavad Gita, it is said that for the soul there is no birth nor death; it has not been born, does not die, and never will.

Ever existing but yet unborn – it resides outside of time waiting for its chance to come back again until one day it can finally return from where it came. It cannot be destroyed and even if its physical form ceases to exist, it still lives.

When we die our soul passes on. It journeys back to where it came from and leaves behind all thoughts of the physical body until it has reached its destination, which is determined by all the habits acquired in this life and genetics, and past life experiences.

Being Desireless Liberates the Soul

Human souls oftentimes feel limited and resistant when it comes to fulfilling desires (Maaya).

In Yogic philosophy, Anandamaya kosha (आनन्दामय कोष) is said to be the fifth layer of the five layers of the body that encapsulate our soul. 

A core aspect of a soul is the capacity for unconditional love, oneness, and complete unity with all beings. This also includes peace, love, and joy in their purest form. Yogis claim that despite the assertion that anandamaya kosha permeates all of the outer sheaths, it cannot be seen until the illusions of the outer sheaths are removed. 

Striving to reach anandamaya kosha is a futile attempt because it will be inevitably discovered when we finally let go of any form of mind control and desires

One Step Closer!

And yet all these early experiences are just the beginning of our journey toward a spiritual understanding. We move on to cultivating the experience of being one with God. 

Meditation and Yoga, however, are big steps to moving from the outside world to the inside. This is a journey that always entails motion or change; it requires constant movement and effortless shifts, each one leading up to something bigger- Union with the Almighty!

Home Coming!

Those who have reached the ultimate also know that once you’re there, it seems effortless. In every breath you take, you will be touching the very core of life itself – feeling its invisible yet all-encompassing power seeping through your lungs and into your bloodstream; filling your body with warmth and everything feels just right!

When you finally reach your goal – everything will be fulfilled. A happy soul wants nothing at all and has an infinite amount of contentment that never ceases to overwhelm it. Contentment is like love; all-encompassing and unconditional.


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