Does Mindful Living Reduce the Risk of Developing Depression and Anxiety Postmenopause?

Risk of Developing Depression and Anxiety Postmenopause

Do you know that women with a history of depression had more than 13 times the risk of experiencing depressive symptoms compared to women with no history during Menopause.

Research suggests that the prevalence of depression tends to increase during the menopausal transition and may persist into the post-menopausal period. However, estimates of the exact prevalence of post-menopausal depression vary widely, ranging from around 8% to 40% or more, depending on the study population and diagnostic criteria used.

The fundamentals of treating any problem effectively are to address the root cause of it. Here, the root cause is the underlying factor or factors that directly or indirectly contribute to a problem’s occurrence. Identifying the root cause entails digging deeper than the surface symptoms to uncover the fundamental issues at play. 

Therefore, to address depression and anxiety postmenopause, it is very important to understand:

  1. What is the reason for the cessation of the menstrual cycle?
  2. What happens to hormonal health? 
  3. Understand the changes occurring in the physiology of women

After understanding your body physiology and symptoms, there are right yogic practices to manage it because menopause is not a disorder but a life stage, and managing its symptoms while understanding your body helps you to age gracefully.

hellomyyoga and Dr. Vineeta Ketkar have curated a 3 hours self-study digital programme, The Guide to a Healthy Postmenopausal Life, in which enrolled students learn at their own pace: 

  • Understanding Menopause
  • What is Menopause and what are its symptoms?
  • Estrogen and its actions
  • Managing Menopause
  • Emphasis on Osteoporosis, Osteoarthritis & Spondylosis
  • How can Knee OA be delayed?
  • Why should you understand Weight bearing Axis of the body
  • How to find out the radiological grade of OA (X-ray)

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