From Rush to Rest – A Journey of A Mind

Rush to Rest

Let’s just sit for a moment, shall we? A minute or two won’t bother you. But ten or more might just annoy, because “What are we even trying to achieve?” Well, let’s talk about just that.

The Beginning :

We begin from wonder; eyes wide open trying to make meaning out of information. Our eyes still forming in our early months don’t allow us enough detail to fetch on. As we grow further and all our sensory receptors begin consuming all surrounding data to build our place in this ever moving world. 

We get in schools, learn in history that we as a species have come a long way and have achieved a great place in society. We have gained longevity, cleaner homes, unlimited supply of clothes and machines to help us save time. But time – this one concept has still remained elusive. The same elusive as it was when we began with wonder. 

A relationship with time:

Our relationship with time has always been a bit wonky. We can not control it, hence our ever raging battle armed with to do lists and chores and events go on. We say, “there’s only so much time in a day”, we say, “there’s plenty to do before the day ends” – mostly because we are trying to reach somewhere, achieve something. 

Our rush in life never ceases. It hops from one objective to another. The way we have grown up, the way we understand how progress is made – from our own history lessons – looks like only through doings. Although that is absolutely how we balance one side of the scale, the other requires its opponent of all time – Being.

Being expels rush, allows calm and welcomes rest – where we never are, yet always heading indefinitely. Being sounds very vague, so few pursue it. Yet it only asks us to remember and rekindle that wonder we were born with. The curious mind that seeked to know and understand simply what is happening, what is flowing through time as we take the seat of an audience and simply observe. 

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3 Basic Tools for a Curious Mind:

1. Observing thoughts without judgement 

A mind that learns to look at passing thoughts or feelings as just those things without attaching labels on them is freer than most. We are not our feelings, neither are we our thoughts. We are the observers of them and the more we take that seat, the easier it becomes to let them through.

2. Following your Breath

Our breath is the force of our life. When we take time to breathe, we take time to feed every part of our vessel with life. Slow breathing helps to calm your mind. If you want, you can add breathing techniques such as Pranayama – a yogic practice, to your ritual to slow you down.

3. Allowing yourself the permission

We forget we propel this life forward as much as other forces do. In giving ourselves the permission to sit for a while, to just check in how we are, we bring back the authority to us. We start working with time rather than against it.

Yes there always will be plenty to do, and places to go. But if we can balance that out even with half of it as breathing space, we win – we take down a decibel from a noisy mind. And if you ever find yourself doubting why you should even try, come back to this – that a rested quiet mind is regarded a reward because it exudes in –

  • Clarity: A mind free from the clutter or compulsive thoughts, allows for clear perceiving  and understanding of things as they are.
  • Peace: A sense of calmness and serenity, devoid of inner turmoil or agitation, fosters a tranquil state of being.
  • Focus: With distractions minimised, a quiet mind can maintain unwavering attention on tasks or experiences, enhancing our power to do and think.
  • Creativity: Quietude nurtures creativity by providing a fertile ground for new ideas to emerge and flourish, as the mind is receptive to inspiration and innovation.
  • Harmony: With clarity of thought, peaceful interior and focused choices in life, we find that our creative innerself is reflecting outward in the world. That sense of achievement exceeds any other, and we find ourselves placed in a rhythm of harmony.

So let’s sit for a minute, or two. The rush can wait. The rest is here, as soon as you allow it. You can make it five if you like. Remember, your mind is yours, not you. So air your thoughts now and then – breathe in, breathe out. Just Be for a moment. Let it replenish you for a while. Rush will flood back in just as you get up.

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