Understanding the Fear of Childbirth and Pregnancy with Kadambari Ravi


A study found that many first-time mothers experience fear while they’re pregnant.

Studies also show that health concerns are more frequent in this group of people compared to the rest of the people.

During pregnancy, many women reflect on their own childhood and their relationship with their parents.

There are typically two sources of anxiety– one caused by these memories; the other stemming from worries about becoming a parent themselves.

Chat on the Mat with Kadambari Ravi will help you ease and relax about your pregnancy journey. You’ll learn how to manage the stress so you can prevent any bad effects and can avoid developing an anxiety disorder.

Kadambari Ravi’s overall knowledge and expertise have been gained, within a decade of teaching experience, specialized Prenatal-Childbirth-Postnatal research from Lamaze to Hypnobirthing, Spinning babies, Doula based notes, Birthing Conferences, Water birthing workshop (Waterbirth International), Certified courses, training with the mentors- Anugraha Unnikrishnan, and Maud Chuffart. Hatha-Iyengar-Ashtanga Yoga, Mudra Therapy, Chi Gung, Dance forms, and priceless feedback, from all the mothers, whom she has taught.

hellomyyoga: A pregnant woman can be plagued with all sorts of anxieties for several reasons, but what is the best way to comfort those feelings?

Kadambari Ravi: Yes, there can indeed be a lot of anxiety for a pregnant woman, right from the time of conception to post, especially if it is an unplanned pregnancy!

If it is a planned pregnancy, it is nice to look into some basics as to how to conceive in a good environment, how to be in the correct headspace and physical space, and how you can invite divine vibrations and pure happy joyful thoughts.

If it is not planned, then the work begins at the time of discovering your pregnancy, at which one has the choice to make an intention or a Sankalpa that it is happy news or this is going to change my life for the best and that you are open to making positive changes, and I am prepared and ready for this journey with the support of my family.

Then there are preparation steps for your emotional, mental, and nutritional well-being. Being aware of what you are thinking consciously or how to keep yourself in a state of consciousness starts with the discovery of your pregnancy and ends with the birth of your child. It automatically shapes up a habit about what you are focusing on in your awareness and space.

These small steps can begin with some calming devotional instrumental music and making connections with your family and mother. From her, you will learn how you were born, what the complications were, how your birth took place, etc., and you will go on a spiritual journey with your family or mother, and know your family deity, bhajans, kirtans, and rituals.

Another practical technique to keep anxiety at bay is to have rhythm, routine, and repetition through practices like yoga. That’s something the body looks forward to. There is a rhythm and discipline that stays throughout and does a lot of wonders for the overall well-being of the child and the mother.

hellomyyoga: Is it normal to have fears and concerns about childbirth? What are some common yet irrelevant fears pregnant women experience?

Kadambari Ravi: Yes, it is normal to have fears, especially in this age where stress is a dominant issue. It’s multitasking with not being able to shut down ourselves for some time.
Pregnant women will often find themselves wondering if something will harm the body, if there might not be a chance of having a normal delivery, and if there could be complications that can arise during pregnancy.  For some, it could be dealing with unacceptance if it was not planned, so these are the fears to do with childbirth: how that will go, and what unexpected complications might show up. The internet is so overwhelmed with all the information that one should be careful of how much it should be taken.

hellomyyoga: Every pregnant woman dreams of a healthy pregnancy, but how to deal with the stress when you are told to get a cesarean section?

Kadambari Ravi:  A healthy pregnancy is not antonymous with a cesarean. Going for a cesarean can be a last-minute decision or the solution. You should also research about cesarean delivery, how it is done, post-recovery or side effects, and the same goes with the normal delivery, to get an understanding of what these feel like and their respective consequences. Take out time throughout the pregnancy to see where your mind is and where your psyche is when it comes to pain and discomfort and what kinds of practices are done to deal with this.

hellomyyoga: A pregnant woman is often worried about becoming a good mother. How to deal with this?

Kadambari Ravi: Have faith, have confidence. Take a Sankalp, affirm positive thoughts, look at the positive qualities of your mother, and think: how can you be like this? How can you do things you love? Just be surrounded by good qualities of your own or people to chase joy and bliss.
If you trigger your mind to think positively, you will constantly soak up those qualities when you are surrounded by good, positive people or affirmative sentences.

Set a Sankalp and repeat these affirmations-

  • I am unafraid to be taking on the role of a mother.
  • I am free of all limitations.
  • I create my version of being a good mother.
  • I am connected with my god/goddess and
  • I am strong in my faith.

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