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Earlier my routine was 8 hours in the office, unhealthy eating habits, starting the day with the same routine cursing it each day for anxiety & bad immunity that I was falling prey to but couldn’t break this circle. This lockdown came as an eye-opener with a drastic switch in our priorities, I started eating consciously and adopting a healthy lifestyle. Though I had a good schedule but couldn’t feel a substantial relief from anxiety & weak immunity, why?
Many times I get this thought am I also heading towards getting those lists of inflammatory diseases or autoimmune disorders that my mother is suffering or will I have the same fate somewhat like that of my dad who got his bypass surgery done?

Do you know every cell in our body functions in tandem with the natural processes as designed by nature?

Wondering how imbalances occur owing to unhealthy lifestyle or stress turn into diseases and how they evolve with age?

Do you know that Ayurveda still fits in well irrespective of time and era for that transformation altogether giving a new lease of life?

We build oxidative stressors every day in our routine life with chemical processes in our bodies those oxidative stressors are culprits for our condition. If we reduce its activities, we can vanquish our diseases and if we won’t they will take control of us turning us haywire.

To prevent this Rasayana comes to our rescue.

“Rasa” means the essence or end product of digestion and “ayana” means the channels of attaining it. According to Charak Samhita, Rasayana is the means of obtaining the best qualities of Rasadi which means dhatus. Rasayana is mainly based on the Ahara, the food we intake derived from different parts of plants having medicinal and nutritional properties. So transmitting proper quality and quantity of Ahara rasa through proper circulation channels of the body is the concept of Rasayana therapy.

It works at three levels of Rasa – Ahara(nutrition), Agni (Digestion and metabolism), and Strotamsi (microcirculation).

I studied few of the Rasayanas available in the market and realized Amrit Kalash is one of the super pack which we all young people should have. Can you imagine, it has 53 such herbs that can heal us.  The box contains pill and paste and both need to be consumed regularly to derive optimum nutrition.

Ayurveda works multi-directionally unlike allopathy, taking into account every aspect of an individual. Thus, Ayurveda demands patience & trust, it doesn’t work overnight like a magic pill-one pill for every disease.

Friends my suggestion is to go and get yourself Amrit Kalash, a pack of healing herbs that keeps you healthy forever, have it regularly, and see the change. 

Buy Amrit Kalash