What Your Skins Needs?


Skin is the mirror of our well -being. It is not just an outer covering for our system but an important sensory organ and performs numerous functions to keep us safe and balanced. Stress, pollution, and an unhealthy lifestyle pose numerous challenges for our skin in the form of wrinkles, uneven skin, acne, pimples, and other skin diseases. We focus on externally enhancing our skin and seek topical solutions that are instant and readily available that might be problem-specific. According to WHO, skin diseases are the most common health affliction and affects nearly 900 million people around the world.

Also, as per our recent survey research, skin problems have turned out to be the cause of concern for a considerable number of people. Many of us can relate to the situations shared by the survey participants.

Let’s find out what Deepti Sehgal, shares and prescribes for these unique skin problems:

Question: Why do I keep getting the same pimple on my cheek?
Deepti  Sehgal: Recurring acne may indicate various things happening within your body. Imbalance of female hormone estrogen may show up on the skin as acne specifically during periods as it fluctuates to cause PMS during periods. It could also indicate blockage of your internal detox channels, specifically colon & constipation issues. The body in this case tries to get rid of internal toxins through the skin if the colon is unclear & already congested. Further, dairy has been proven to be a big cause of acne in various research studies due to its congesting properties.

Question: How to treat acne due to hormonal changes?
Deepti Sehgal: Dealing with hormonal acne is not a quick-fix but needs fixing of diet, lifestyle & stress factors as a whole. It requires a long-term commitment to cleaning the body from within regularly, easing out the stress that impairs hormonal imbalance & living a clean beauty detox lifestyle. Dairy is the first food to be eliminated in case of any kind of acne. You may also want to incorporate Svarasya’s Clean Beauty Detox Smoothie first thing in the morning after waking up to induce the body’s cleanse response.

It fills the body with deep cleansing ingredients & alkalizes the body which can bring about drastic difference in your skin health with regular use. Cleaner the body, clearer the skin!

Question: Why do I get pimples in spite of healthy diet sound sleep and plenty of water?
Deepti Sehgal: In my past few years of practice & coming from my own personal experiences, education & beliefs, I have seen women trying to have a healthy diet, sound sleep & ample water & still issue persists in many cases. Though much depends on these factors, other closely related aspects that we do not consider are our stress levels which directly impact our hormones that may show up on the skin as break-outs. Another factor to consider is your toxin level.

Even after consuming great diet & having restful sleep, we cannot ensure how much toxins we carry within which are accumulating from the quality of foods we choose (even if they are healthy), the pollution & air that we breather, the skincare & household products that we use (skin absorbs toxins from what you apply on it), and internal functioning such as constipated body state. 

Question: Can you suggest ways to treat acne during pregnancy?
Deepti Sehgal: Consuming a clean diet is the way to go to heal acne during pregnancy & it is great for the growth of the baby too. Getting rid of processed & refined foods, clogging oils such as hydrogenated oils & trans fats found in bakery foods & packaged foods is a big step to avoiding acne in any stage of life. Ample water will keep the toxins moving internally, not bothering the skin to eliminate. Make special efforts to get rid of constipation.

Due to slow movement in pregnancy & with lower body carrying excess weight, constipation or incomplete evacuation does occur in most cases.

Question: How can I get rid of scars after acne?
Deepti Sehgal: The creation of human body is credible & its healing powers are immense. If we give our skin the right internal working environment, it can do wonders.

Science has proven that skin renews every 28 days.

This means if we feed ourselves densely nutritious foods, work on our gut health, & keep cleansing ourselves within, the body begins to absorb these dense molecules that help renew the skin so it shows in 28 days as skin reforms. It is equally important to take care of the skin on the outside with chemical-free ingredients. Rather, that was the whole idea when we launched our pure skincare range which is inspired by natural skincare techniques used by ancient women when the cosmetic industry did not exist. You may check it on www.svarasya.com. 

Deepti Sehgal is an internationally certified Macrobiotic and clinical nutritionist and wellness coach and founder, Svarasya, an initiative to self-care through ancient health practices.


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