Beyond the Surface: A Deeper Look at Emotions with Fharzana Siraj

Chat On The Mat with Fharzana Siraj

Amid the challenges of Covid-19, mental health has taken a toll on many. Anxiety levels have risen for most individuals, but some have experienced more severe issues. Reports reveal that many people are struggling with depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress as a result of the pandemic. Unfortunately, there has also been an increase in suicidal thoughts and behaviors, which is a worrying trend. It’s essential to seek support and care, especially during this challenging time.

Healing from trauma or anxiety is not an overnight process, just like recovering from an accident takes time. It may take longer than you’d like, but with patience and support, you can start feeling more like yourself again. 

About Fharzana Siraj

Fharzana Siraj is the founder of Orange Ray Holistic Clinic.  She is a Holistic Health Coach, Acupuncturist, and Yoga therapist.  Certified by Sri B.K.S. Iyengar in Yoga with a Master’s from SVYASA University,  Bengaluru, she is currently pursuing her Ph.D. Passionate to deliver the best of Eastern and Western concepts, she has trained under Western medical doctors and is also a Nutrition coach. She treats mental and emotional disorders through a holistic and natural approach.

Chat On The Mat With Fharzana Siraj

Join Fharzana Siraj for an enlightening Chat on the Mat on emotional intelligence and gain a deeper understanding of your emotions that can lead you to uncover the root causes of your anxiety, trauma, and depression. Discover how to take small and meaningful steps towards healing and progress, so that you can lead a fulfilling life. Fharzana’s expertise and gentle approach will help you navigate these difficult emotions with ease.

hellomyyoga: How to identify the triggers for anxiety and depression?

Fharzana: Some of the triggers for anxiety are:

  1. Sleep deprivation 
  2. High doses of caffeine 
  3. Regular use of Substance 
  4. Inadequate nutrition 
  5. Conflict 
  6. Financial concerns 
  7. Pain and illness 
  8. Stress 
  9. Social events or gatherings 

hellomyyoga: What are the initial symptoms of anxiety?

Fharzana: These are the most common symptoms of anxiety:

  1. Feeling nervous/restless/ tension 
  2. Having a sense of impending danger, or doom.
  3. Having an increased heartbeat
  4. Feeling weak or tired.
  5. Trouble concentrating or thinking about anything other than the present worry.
  6. Unable to sleep well or oversleeping 

hellomyyoga: Can you recommend Positive life hacks to keep a healthy mindset?

Fharzana: The following tips will help you feel good and positive: 

  1. Get sunshine for at least 30 mins in the first hour after you wake up
  2. Hydrate yourself adequately
  3. Keep your Vit D3 levels optimal 
  4. Surround yourself with positive people 
  5. Keep busy with an end goal in mind

hellomyyoga: How yoga can help in emotional healing?

Fharzana: Every experience in the mind is accompanied by shifts in the body’s chemistry. When you say, “I am feeling depressed/angry, disappointed, you’re acknowledging that your body is generating disturbing sensations. Feelings are so named because we feel them in our bodies. These sensations result from changes in hormone levels and the pattern of nerve firings within your nervous system. 

These physiological shifts can persist long after the emotionally upsetting experience that first triggered them. 

Over time, your mind-body system reflects your emotional history.

Through yoga, you can release the emotional toxicity stored in the body. Just as changing thought patterns can influence the body, changing the position of the body can influence the mind and facilitate emotional release. As you stretch your muscles and expand your range of motion, you shift the bodily patterns that trap emotional pain. Yoga poses, breathing practices, and meditation release the constriction and free the flow of the vital life-force energy known as prana. Prana is the healing energy that the body requires to survive, mend, to grow.

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Program: Emotional Healing Through Yoga Therapy

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