Idle minds are the Devil's playground. This often repeated saying has been used to justify not giving children or us even a second to rest. Psychologists recently found this advice may not be true. It turns out occasional boredom can do you some good.

You might think that the word Boredom and Good do not belong together in the same sentence. Well, they have something in common! Let's explore how is boredom good for you. 

Why Boredom is Good

The human brain is a complicated entity. Constantly working, the brain thinks about decisions, stresses, and subconscious happenings of everyday life; but with endless potential for its power, it also has its limits. It's imperative to give your mind some downtime when you can spare it - this will keep your mind healthy and happy for years to come.

Many studies have revealed that boredom is one of the most misunderstood emotions. While it's clear that feeling bored can result in negative emotions such as depression and lead to bad decisions, researchers wanted to see if there are any positives from being bored.

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Studies About How Helps Our Mental State

A study published in 2014 found that being bored helped subjects think creatively when given the task of connecting three unrelated words. Based on this work, some researchers are now advocating for more aimlessness. Many people have a common question that when we are bored, what should we do? 

"Instead of saying I'm bored when I'm stuck in traffic, I'll put music on and allow my mind to wander—knowing that it's good for me," Sandi Mann, a researcher who co-authored the first of those 2014 studies, told the BBC. "And I let my kids be bored too—because it's good for their creativity." Mann is the author of The Upside of Downtime: Why Boredom Is Good. 

If you give your mind some time to reflect, it will start coming up with ideas that weren't possible before. 

Reasons Why Boredom is Good

  • Boredom Triggers Creativity

Research has shown that when we're bored and searching for some form of stimulation, we resort to making things up if we can't find them. That's what daydreaming is- devising something from nothing. 

Boredom enables creativity and problem-solving by allowing us to wander out of thought from time to time. So instead of turning on your phone and seeing what all your friends are up to - try turning off the screen and letting your thoughts take flight.

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  • Boredom Allows You To Self-Reflect

People who find themselves bored are more likely to indulge in self-reflection. Boredom allows people to take some time out of the day and delve deeper into what they want from life. 

Self-reflection can be the catalyst for a bigger change in one's life when it leads one down a path of self-growth. Boredom Changes Up Your Monotonous Routine

When we're bored, nothing seems even remotely interesting anymore. It can seem like nothing is left - until we decide to take things in a new direction. And what could be better than introducing something new into your daily routine

All of our routines took a hit when work-from-home became the norm, and while having a steady routine is great, it gets monotonous quickly. So if you ever feel bored, why not try doing something different?

  • Boredom Forces You To Take A Pause

The key feature of being bored is that time moves sluggishly. When we're bored, even seconds seem to drag by tortuously slowly. Yet this slowdown isn't necessarily a bad thing. Our world is already so fast-paced and hectic. So when you're bored and the world appears to move fast, feel free to fill up your next few moments to find something to do. 

Instead, use this opportunity to pause and notice how things feel around you. To relax or ponder while everyone else rushes off somewhere else.

Go for a walk outside or take some time to check how you're feeling physically, emotionally, and mentally- focus on the present moment.

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  • Boredom Helps With Your Mental Health

These things we mentioned above are all responsible for positive changes in our mental health. Slowing down and being mindful of ourselves, tapping into our creative sides, helping others, and breaking out old routines can all improve mental health. 

In general, boredom forces us to stop and step back from life. Yoga is the pathway to cleansing your mind, you have the chance to learn yoga online now. We then have the choice to use this time to worry about how we're spending our time or devote it to slowing down and resting.

Summing Up:

We are grateful if you made it to the end of this article. We appreciate your patience. And if you find yourself getting bored when reading this, at least now you know that boredom can sometimes be good too!