Why Hustle Culture isn’t Worth it?


Hustle culture is an ideology created to encourage people to push themselves beyond what they are capable of.

Hustle culture equates constant hard work with success.

Talking about a day in most of our lives, the morning starts with checking our phones and scrolling through work emails. Waking up with a hazy mind and feeling unenthused, we made our way out of beds – continuing from where we left off yesterday without embracing the new day. And after eating a quick breakfast, we bolt out the door with one eye on the smartphone screen.

Workaholism and the mindset that you should always be working and being productive will only take their toll on your mental and physical health. And if you are not working, you are expected to develop a new skill or a hobby.

Hustle Culture Is Ruining You! Here’s How.

  • When you’re constantly fighting to achieve your dreams or trying to show yourself in a multi avatar, it’s hard for anything else to matter. Hustle culture pushes people to put their bodies in a constant state of fight or flight.
  • The human body is an engineering marvel that was never created for this type of lifestyle. it will find itself burdened with symptoms ranging from stress or even more serious afflictions such as depression and heart disease
  • When you work at an organization that worships the idea of hustling all day, you will often find yourself working against people – whether they’re competitors or colleagues.
  • The grind or the hustle is what makes people feel superior when they can accomplish more in a shorter amount of time. In reality, this culture that glorifies production instead of quality creates an unrealistic standard for success.
  • Hustle culture thrives on ego. When things start to go wrong, or even just stay the same – you might find yourself doubting what you’re doing, and hustle culture tells you to keep trying until you succeed, even if it costs your mental wellbeing.

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What can you do if you’re feeling stuck in hustle culture?

Start Being More Aware.

Ask yourself questions- Are you feeling exhausted? Are you getting enough rest? When we become aware and see ourselves being controlled by this cyclical hustle, we’re one step closer to changing it.

Prioritize your Feelings.

Are you doing things that matter most in this world to you? Take a moment to clarify your thoughts and write down the tasks you want to prioritize in a day. And it’s okay to have a day where you don’t want to work. Pushing against something that no longer fills you with passion can wear one down. These sorts of days were common when happiness was based solely on completing tasks, but now you should prioritize your feelings seriously and make sure they are satisfied first.

Plan your Day.

You may not see an ideal day, but there are many ways to find the beauty in them. Put time aside for both work and rest so you can get things done without feeling overwhelmed and exhausted.

Give your Mind a Break.

Mindful breaks can keep you from burning out at work. We have been quitting corporate jobs to pursue our passions, but, in doing so, we are finding ourselves working long hours. Work hard, but remember to take out time to unplug and recharge! Take a few moments here and there to stop what you’re doing and breathe deeply. If you do this, it will keep you calm so that stress won’t overwhelm you.

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Create Boundaries.

Hustle culture tells you that one day your hard work will eventually lead to success. We are so used to being pushed and shoved around every day, that success has become synonymous with never-ending hours of work, while happiness becomes unattainable! Break this cycle by creating boundaries and building up self-care rituals so you don’t burn out.

Several handy app-based services have been invented because we keep juggling different tasks. All of our lives are now controlled by our phones, which has turned out to be a blessing and a curse.

Why not take some time out of your day to give yourself a chance to calm your thoughts and do something for yourself?  Meditate, work out, cook your favorite meal or do nothing. Just sit back and relax! You’ll feel more rejuvenated and confident, and best of all – it will pay off.


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