Focus My Child!

Does it seem challenging for your kid to focus be it study or sports or mere talking? Do you have to struggle to get your child to sit & focus without distraction? Does he/ she zone out while doing an activity? Well, these are quite common problems which most of the parents face daily an...


Top 10 Digital Yoga Classes Trending

This long duration of confinement has shrunk the world and packed it in a digital mode where anyone and everyone can get access to a healthy way of life. Yeah! Have you ever wondered of learning yoga with mentors whom you’ve only heard about and wished to meet them someday in their yoga classes...


Respiratory Support System - Yoga, Ayurveda & Food

Is the changing weather seems harsh on your throat? Do you have to switch to nebulizers and inhalers with the onset of winters? Are N95 masks an essential commodity for stepping out? Seasons seem to bring a drastic change in our lives as if compelling us to change along with them. Cold, c...


Why you may still not be ready to truly practice Yoga?

You may have heard enough people tell you Yoga is great and we know it's for All. But let me tell you why you may still not be ready to truly benefit from it:- If all you're seeking is weight loss and cardio. There is no quick fix and Surya Namaskars are not cardio. Yoga is a holistic mind...


Rediscovering our True-Self through Yoga

Life – Ah! What an exciting journey this is! To think of it, life actually comes in so many different shapes, forms, and sizes; and varies not only from person to person but also from moment to moment. Even though we’re all experiencing this one beautiful existence, called life, on planet Earth ...


The Elixir of Health

Do you wake up tired? Wondering why you are experiencing a lack of appetite and heaviness? Is chronic fatigue and worry not allowing you to concentrate on the job and fulfill personal commitments? Is high blood pressure has become a part of your life making it go haywire. Well, everything in this...


2nd International AYUSH Conference-Dubai

In an attempt to resonate the essence  of nourishing sciences of natural elements and therapies, the India Exposition Mart Limited and AYUSH ministry organized the first World Assembly on Ayurveda, Yoga, and Naturopathy.  The event witnessed a mentally and consciously awakening sessions by...


Journey of a Yogi to Entrepreneur

Yoga is truly a transformational tool for every human being whomsoever comes under its aegis. Every yogi has his/her own journey and unique experiences to learn, share and utilize them for making the lives of others enlightening and healthy. Just as yoga opened the doors of the mind, body, and soul ...


Diabetes - Prevention and Management through Yoga, Ayurveda and Naturopathy

Diabetes Mellitus is a major non-communicable disease that is increasing at a rapid pace so much so that every family has one diabetic case either inherited or owing to an unhealthy and unorganized lifestyle. The worst part is once it gets you, the coming generations are quite vulnerable to fall pre...


Comprehending Yoga Therapy

With the increasing scope of yoga therapy, the challenge to communicate its relevance and the role of yoga therapists increases manifold. In order to communicate in a lucid language the meaning and application of different terms associated with yoga therapy, efforts are made by renowned yoga therapi...


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