Yoga & Full Moon

Yoga & Full Moon

Full moon is as energy boosting as it is beautiful. This day comes every month when the moon sparkles in the sky and its sheen covers the earth making everything lighten up. Full moon day occurs when the sun, the earth  and the moon come in a straight line. 

This day is  considered auspicious for many people. People observe fast, meditate or just immerse in the moonlight to get its benefits. All the significant events in the life of Gautam Buddha from birth, to enlightenment to nirvana all occurred on full moon day. People on this stay away from worldly pleasures, they observe fast, meditate and just stay calm and relax.

The  full moon also holds a significant place in the life of yoga practitioners. Many believe that yoga is restricted at the time of full moon. Is it true? Well that’s something which has mixed opinions about.  According to traditional astrological beliefs, full moon days is a holiday in many yoga centres. Some asanas are not performed on this day because there is a threat to overdo certain postures that can harm a practitioner. How full moon affects our body. Moon has gravity and it pulls the earth objects towards itself especially water.On full moon day the moon’s influence is at its peak and like the sun and other planets it does affects our mind and body. On full moon day we observe high tides. In the same way the basic elements of our nature also become magnificent. Like happy people become more happy, sad become more sad, violent become more violent, meditating meditate more. Further the sun represent masculine and logical side of human while moon represents the feminine and illogical side of a person.Thus it is necessary for people to have a balance of both these facets in order to be complete and motivated in life.

Looking at its scientific perspective, full moon doesn’t affect the behavioral changes in plants and animals. Moon’s gravity affects only open water bodies whereas animal bodies are closed and the gravitational effect is not strong enough to affect the brain.Moreover researches do not prove such theories.Moreover if we have preconceived notions or an idea well rooted in our minds we tend to view every incident with same perspective. Sleep deprivation does occur due to more lighting it isn’t the moon mystery and mental disturbances can be the probable effect of external stress and sleep deprivation.

Whatever be the theories behind full moon. One thing is certain that regular practice and right living can only infuse positive energies within. Yogis thus celebrate the full moon day by allowing the divine light to illuminate their entire being. The yoga holiday is just to honor the cycles of moon and focus more on inward and self realisation, detox our minds,  body through simple food as per ayurveda and soul from what is preventing our development both spiritual and mental. It is considered as the best time to achieve balance and attain fulfillment of soul. Many yoga retreats and practitioners advocate the moon asana to derive the positivity and energy of full moon. It also marks the beginning of a new phase of life and allows us to detach from our lives anything or any relation that hinders positive flow of energy or maligns our very self. Many people even bathe in the moonlight to uplift and strengthen their thought process and experience the cooling, soothing and calming effect of the moon. 


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