Grapeseed Oil Extract

The grapeseed oil comes from pressed seeds of grapes and is thus an abundant by-product of the wine-making process. The oil is widely used in baking, or in salad dressing, or as oil infusions. It has marked its place due to the nutritional value it brings to the table.  NUTRITIONAL VALU...


Yoga Chikitsa- Unique Approach to Healing

Modern times have gifted us with infinite opportunities and comforts. At the same time, it has also distanced us from a healthy lifestyle and focus on health. As a result, we are in a grip of minor to major ailments both mental and physical. Most of the times we tend to quick-fix our minor problems ...


What's your Dincharya?

A person who has equilibrium in his three doshas (vat, pitta &kapha) (bioenergy), Agni (metabolic process), excretion process. His senses, soul and mind are in balance and harmony, then one is in optimal state of health. We all support and advocate the significance of nutrition, fitness and r...


Let’s Conquer Polycystic Disorder with Dr. Vineeta Ketkar

“I came to know about medical condition PCOS & PCOD when I plan to get pregnant”. (Quoted by a 30 year old Indian female, works with a multinational company at senior management position) In India, one in every ten women suffer from PCOS, most of them suffer due to lack of awareness....

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