Exploring Ayurveda and Modern Medicine in Female Healthcare 

Ayurveda and Modern Medicine in Female Healthcare

Premenstrual symptoms such as vaginal discharge, breast soreness, and fatigue are commonly experienced by many women. However, it is important to note that these symptoms can persist even after menstruation, and ignoring them might not be the best approach. 

If you notice a sudden increase in vaginal discharge, a change in color or odor, or experience unexpected itching or irritation, it’s essential to address these symptoms as they could indicate a potential problem.

Breast cancer is alarmingly prevalent, with one diagnosis occurring every four minutes. These statistics shed light on the urgent need for greater awareness and proactive measures for female health in India.

About Dr. Vineeta Ketkar

Dr. Vineeta Ketkar has been a practicing Family Physician in Pune since 1980. She has over 40 years of clinical experience, and also offers a range of Yogic Health Services and Yoga training programs at her well-equipped Yoga Institute, since 2006. 

Dr. Ketkar holds an MBBS from Mumbai University and has received her training for 14 years under Dr. S.V. Karndikar and 10 years under Guruji B.K.S. Iyengar.

About Vaidya Shweta Labde

Vaidya Shweta Labde, with 13 years of practice experience purely in Ayurveda, founded Seven Ayurveda Care in 2013 and clinics are in Pune and Chinchwad. She also runs her show on Radio through which she guides the audience around infertility, child health, mental health, covid & post-covid treatments, and various other health topics. 

She has handled more than 100 cases around pre & post-covid symptoms and is a specialist in gynecology, infertility, mental health and child care, ayurvedic cosmetology, weight management, and general health. Suvarna Prashan Sanskar – An immunity and memory booster Ayurvedic medicine. Regular camp is organized at the clinic every month for the last 10yrs and has also been sent throughout the country and abroad.

Chat On The Mat With Dr Vineeta Ketkar and Vaidya Shweta Labde

Join us for an insightful Chat on the Mat as we explore prevalent women’s health issues like vaginal discharge and breast cancer. Our esteemed experts, Dr. Vineeta Ketkar from Yoga and modern medicine and Ayurveda Vaidya Dr. Shweta Labde will provide invaluable insights from two distinct perspectives. 

We will explore two different approaches to treating and preventing these issues: Ayurveda and Modern Medicine. By examining both perspectives, we can gain valuable insights and make informed decisions to promote better health outcomes for women.

hellomyyoga: Vaginal discharge, a common health issue affecting teenage girls to middle-aged women, has become increasingly prevalent in recent times. However, many wonder if a permanent cure for this condition exists in Ayurveda or Modern Medicine. 

Dr. Vineeta: Premenstrual vaginal discharge is normal & physiological if not associated with lower abdominal pain, foul smell or painful intercourse, or itching If so, then medicines are needed. In middle-aged women, excessive vaginal discharge needs a Pap smear test. There is nothing like a permanent cure!

Vd. Shweta: Vaginal discharge is a very common complaint faced by many girls and women. Ayurveda surely has a solution for it. Understanding the exact cause behind the discharge enables us to cure it permanently. Vaginal discharge can be reddish, white, curdy, or watery due to varied reasons like vaginal infections, general debility, accumulation of ama, cervical ulceration, or any other uterine conditions. It may be associated with abdominal pain, backache, and fatigue.

Understanding the correct cause and treating it with internal medications and external treatments like yoni Dhawan (vaginal wash), fumigation and Pichu helps to a great extent. 

hellomyyoga: Is rapid weight loss without any modification in diet or lifestyle a potential indicator of an underlying health issue in perimenopausal or menopausal women?

Dr. Vineeta: Yes, rapid weight loss without any effort should be investigated for causes like Type II Diabetes, Tuberculosis, and Malignancy in peri or postmenopausal age.

Vd. Shweta: Rapid weight loss without any diet or lifestyle modifications, definitely indicates concern. The menopausal and perimenopausal phase involves hormonal turbulence which has an impact on physical and mental health. Sudden weight loss can be a sign of an alarming condition like any abnormal growth, tumor, or even cancer.

hellomyyoga: What kind of measures should young females take if they are suffering from long-term fatigue in an age group of 20 – 25?

Dr. Vineeta: Long-term fatigue in the age group of 20 to 25 is commonly due to study/work burden, insufficient sleep & inadequate physical activity. But Haemogram, U TSH & BSL – F should be advised to rule out Iron deficiency anemia, hypothyroidism & DM. 

Vd. Shweta: Long-term fatigue at this age, maybe a result of any underlying health condition or any past medical history which needs attention. Incorrect dietary habits and lack of exercise can be among other reasons which need to be taken care of. 

Regular exercise, proper food intake, and healthy eating habits along with necessary food or medicinal supplements should be taken after consulting an Ayurvedic physician.

Treatment should be sought for any prevailing or related past medical illness. 

hellomyyoga: How Ayurveda approaches breast cancer? Does it address this condition effectively?

Vd. Shweta: It is important to understand that, the treatment approach for any disease between modern medicine and Ayurveda varies because the approach towards disease process (pathology) varies. Ayurveda considers factors like dosha, dhatu, srotas, lifestyle, food habits, etc. 

Ayurveda does not favor cell/ tumor destruction which is done in Chemotherapy, but cutting off the supply to the growing tumor cells by incorporating the right food, medicines, and lifestyle.

Integrating both methodologies can certainly help in conditions like cancer, wherein Ayurveda medicines arrest the cancer spread, help in the regeneration of healthy tissue, and improve quality of life. 

hellomyyoga: Is the effectiveness of Ayurveda and Modern Medicine influenced by an individual’s lifestyle?

Dr. Vineeta: Yes, the effectiveness of modern medicine is enhanced by lifestyle modifications in sleep, food habits, exercise, mental peace & work pattern

Vd. Shweta: Definitely, yes. Following a healthy daily routine or lifestyle (known as charya in Ayurveda) has an impact on the equilibrium of Doshas, which ultimately maintains an individual’s health. A deranged lifestyle disturbs the Dosha balance and worsens the disease process.

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  1. This insightful conversation between Dr. Vineeta Ketkar and Vaidya Shweta Labde sheds light on crucial aspects of women’s health, bridging the gap between Ayurveda and Modern Medicine. The comprehensive answers provided to questions about vaginal discharge, weight loss, fatigue, and breast cancer highlight the holistic approach needed for women’s well-being. Could you share more tips on maintaining a balanced lifestyle that complements both Ayurveda and Modern Medicine practices? Looking forward to more blogs like this that empower us with valuable health insights!


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