Healing with Yoga by Deepak Sachdeva

Healing with Yoga by Deepak Sachdeva

Since childhood we are conditioned to follow ethics and civilized behavior.  As we grow up we start comprehending people and situations on our own and formulate our own set of core values through our cognitive thinking and experiences. Another set of protocol is offered by our respective professions which at times results in cognitive dissonance. To choose our path depends upon the values which top our priority list.

 Today we narrate a story about a persona who did and continues to do full justice to his life both personally and professionally. A doctor named Deepak Sachdeva is a sports enthusiast since his childhood. This paved his way to explore the domains of physical fitness and developed an inclination for ancient art of classical yoga. He did Diploma in Yoga Education from Amravati University and later did PG Diploma in Therapeutic Restorative therapy under Sri S. Karandikar of Kabir Baugh Matha Sanstha Pune. Dr. Karandikar is the direct disciple of Sri BKS Iyengar and he also devised a more evolved Yoga titled Sunjeevan Yoga from Classical Hatha Yoga. Deepak practiced with Dr. Karandikar and minutely observed the intricacies of yoga therapy and how his guruji refined the existing techniques of Yoga into simpler form with the help of straps and belts. He gained deep insight of human anatomy and the effect of yoga techniques on different parts of a body. Moreover he also learned how even severe ailments can be cured with yoga. After that Dr. Deepak did M.Phil from Vinayaka Missions University Tamil Nadu. Deepak had till now learned the art of evolving therapy techniques from Hatha Yoga and had also attended a few sessions on Iyengar yoga at Sri BKS Iyengar’s ashram. After completing his Ph.D (Honoris) from Indian Board of Alternative Medicines, for his remarkable work in Yoga Therapy for Pain Relief and Ph.D in Yoga from C.M.J. University, Deepak set on an independent journey of his career. He joined a reputed hospital at Delhi in Orthopedic department. Full of zeal and doing full justice to his profession, Deepak successfully healed 12 patients in a month and averted many knee surgeries. But his achievement became a cause of concern for the hospital as the department incurred losses for not being able to perform surgeries. 

This moment was a turning point in Deepak’s life where he encountered mixed feelings of achievement but with no support from the authorities. 

Deepak followed his inner call which materialized into Medical Yoga ™ in Delhi where he heals a vast majority of people. Here, tests and diagnosis of problems is done through state-of-the-art techniques and the treatment is carried out with the help of Medical yoga wherein the asanas and postures are medically designed after thorough research and analysis. Medical yoga focuses on balancing and channelizing the energy flow within the body thereby enhancing the mental and physical well-being with the help of asanas and meditation.  

Medical Yoga Center provides training to future yoga professionals in Certified Medical Yoga therapist courses, Yoga Anatomy certified courses and teacher training and also generates awareness about the mental, physical and spiritual health of people. Dr. Deepak recommends easy to follow diet tips for people empowering them to lead a healthy life. Each day he is challenging his limitations and applying his wisdom for the benefit of others which is the best award one can ever earn. 

I hope this story is good enough to awaken the inner voice of many of us who have confined themselves to their limitations and compromising with their core value which is not based on the attitude of people around but which is guided by the conscience voice deep down.

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