Rope & Belt Therapy for Knee Osteoarthritis

Is your joint pain preventing you to lead a normal life?

Any issue in the mental or physical set up of our body creates a deep impact on the quality of life by posing several limitations. One such condition is osteoarthritis, a rheumatic musculoskeletal disorder characterized by severe pain in joints and inflammation. According to WHO musculoskeletal diseases are one of the major causes of disability and morbidity across the world. Many of us deal with it each day and depend upon medications or surgery to get rid of this and prevent it from getting more grave. 

Is surgery or medical intervention, the only treatment? Dr. Vineeta Ketkar, MBBS, and founder of Gnosis Medical Yoga foundation, Pune is an adept medical professional with over 35 years of experience and firmly believes in the healing capacity of the body & considers doctor’s role as ‘Help to Heal’. 

Chat on the Mat with Dr. Vineeta will bust many myths associated with osteoarthritis and throw light on the available scope of treatment for those dealing with this chronic health issue.

hellomyyoga: What causes osteoarthritis?
Dr. Vineeta:

  1. Use & age cause Osteoarthritis. It is a wear & tear condition of the joint.
  2. The Joint which bears weight & is engaged in repeated movements suffers most. Knee Joint bears our body weight & is used constantly during walking, jogging, running, climbing, descending & many other movements.
  3. The other commonly affected joint for Osteoarthritis is intervertebral Joint. i.e. Joint between two adjacent vertebrae. They are also called as facetal joints. Osteoarthritis of facetal joints is called Spondylosis.

hellomyyoga: Which science do you believe in to relieve knee pain or osteoarthritis? 
Dr. Vineeta: Allopathic medicines that relieve pain are very effective, but they do not correct the inner changes in the joint nor they help in healing. On the contrary, they produce local side effects like acidity & their prolonged use may damage liver or kidneys. Hence their use should be minimized.

hellomyyoga: Is the female population more vulnerable to osteoarthritis? What suggestion you would give them?
Dr. Vineeta: Yes, the female population is more vulnerable to Osteoarthritis. This is commonly observed in women after menopause. Hence they keep on complaining about knee pain, low back pain, and neck pain.

The wear & tear of joints ( Osteoarthritis) can be prevented or delayed by working on muscles. Women should give just half an hour to work on their muscles. That too at home,in the form of selective Yogic Postures. When muscles are strong, our skeleton becomes strong & efficient.

hellomyyoga: What measures can help to prevent osteoarthritis from aggravating?
Dr. Vineeta: Measures which help to minimize aggravation, are

  • Avoiding prolonged standing, sitting cross-legged for a long time, squatting and ascending & descending staircase
  • Maintaining normal haemoglobin
  • Food rich in proteins and calcium.

hellomyyoga: Osteoarthritis related to the mental health of a person?
Dr. Vineeta:  Yes, life is movement!

When we are unable or restricted for movements, it affects our quality of life. We are deprived of simple pleasures like visiting gardens, markets, going for nature trails, playing with small children etc. This  may lead to irritation, frustration or even depression.

hellomyyoga: At your center, Gnosis medical yoga foundation, what techniques are adopted to heal knee pain or osteoarthritis?
Dr. Vineeta:

Gnosis Medical Yoga helps to -

  • Minimise pain & stiffness in Osteoarthritis of Knee joint.
  • It improves movements too.
  • In addition, it helps to slow down the process of wear & tear.

Achieved by -

  • At home, yogic posture practise
  • Ambulatory belts which are taught to patients
  • Patients are supposed to use them in their day to day life.
  • Rope & Belt Therapy given to patients at Gnosis Medical Yogatherapy Centre. Pune.

hellomyyoga: Words of wisdom for the working population to avert the conditions of osteoarthritis?
Dr. Vineeta:

  • We have to avoid extremes of use i.e. sedentary habits versus overuse.
  • Let us remember to do “servicing “ of our joints, by working on muscles.
  • Muscles have one mantra, "Use or Loose!”
  • Let us have Healthy food than Favourite food!
  • Keep knees fit & be fit!