Understanding Karma, Dharma, and Moksha with Prasad Rangnekar

Yoga encompasses more than just our time on the mat. It involves being mindful of our actions, called Karmas, in the physical world, to achieve "Moksha." Moksha is attained by going through both positive and negative experiences and fulfilling our duties without seeking personal gain. Each person's duties, known as Dharma, are unique to their roles and responsibilities. Hence when it comes to the characters like Ravana, it's tough to determine whether they were inherently evil. Join Prasad Rangnekar as he delves deeper into the multifaceted personalities of these mythological characters, who defy categorization as simply gods or villains

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Calendar Icon4th Sep-8th Sep, 2023
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Understanding Karma, Dharma, and Moksha with Prasad Rangnekar

Who Is It For?

  • Anyone who is in awe and interested in this subject
  • People who want to gain a deeper understanding of Karma, Dharma, and Moksha.
  • People who wish to gain a deeper understanding of what can be learned from Mythological characters 
  • Yoga practitioners, Students, Teachers & Therapists
  • Philosophers, Psychologists, Life Coaches, and Healers

Program Schedule

Prasad Rangnekar4th Sep06:30 PM-08:00 PMRama-Ravana, Yudhishtra-Duryodhana, and Sugreev-Bali - Personality Analysis
Prasad Rangnekar6th Sep06:30 PM-08:00 PMRama-Ravana, Yudhishtra-Duryodhana, and Sugreev -Bali - Reviewing Action
Prasad Rangnekar8th Sep06:30 PM-08:00 PMRama-Ravana, Yudhishtra-Duryodhana, and Sugreev -Bali - Life Lessons
Prasad Rangnekar4th Sep
06:30 PM-08:00 PM, IST
Rama-Ravana, Yudhishtra-Duryodhana, and Sugreev-Bali - Personality Analysis
Prasad Rangnekar6th Sep
06:30 PM-08:00 PM, IST
Rama-Ravana, Yudhishtra-Duryodhana, and Sugreev -Bali - Reviewing Action
Prasad Rangnekar8th Sep
06:30 PM-08:00 PM, IST
Rama-Ravana, Yudhishtra-Duryodhana, and Sugreev -Bali - Life Lessons

Every action we do in this physical world creates karma, which shapes our destiny. The ultimate goal is to achieve moksha, liberation from the cycle of birth and death. This happens when all karmas are resolved and God is fully realized.

The Hindu Itihasa and Puranas are not only holy books but a treasure trove of practical knowledge that help us navigate life with clarity and confidence. The legendary stories and life incidents of varied characters mentioned in the Puranas are never one-dimensional. Their heroes and villains possess complex personalities with varying shades of character that encompass the completeness of human personality. There is much to learn from them.

This specially curated program gives you a chance to open your perspective by understanding all sides of the story, reflecting on the incidents, challenging your assumptions and beliefs, and growing by expanding your perspective of life and self. Join Prasad Rangnekar in this program to broaden your understanding of the human experience.

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Program Highlight

The program will be conducted in three sessions, each lasting for about 90 minutes, including questions and answers. In the lectures, we will review three pairs of characters, namely Rama-Ravana, Yudhishtra-Duryodhana, and Sugreev-Bali through their respective storylines, and work through the following:

  • Analysis of their personality type and behavior
  • Reviewing their Action – Consequence (Karma) impact
  • Deducting life lessons to help us transform


Each session will deal with one element and will comprise the following,
  • Theory lecture on the element of the day, along with its impact on body, mind, and life.
  • Recommendations on which asana to practice to work on specific elements.
  • Understanding how the elements work together through our body systems and the Prana Vayus.

FAQs Related to hellomyyoga’s Online Yoga Courses

This program is for anyone who wants to gain a profound insight into the concepts of Karma, Dharma, and Moksha through Hindu Itihas and Puranas. Whether you are a dedicated yogi, a passionate student, an experienced teacher, or a skilled therapist, our program caters to your thirst for knowledge.
You can gain practical wisdom from ancient Hindu texts to navigate life with clarity. Unlock the profound teachings by study of characterization of Rama-Ravana, Yudhishtra-Duryodhana, and Sugreev-Bali through the sacred text of Itihaas and purana.
In this program, we will delve into the exploration of three significant character pairs, namely Rama-Ravana, Yudhishtra-Duryodhana, and Sugreev-Bali.
Hindu mythology encompasses a rich collection of sacred narratives, filled with characters that hold immense influence over religious, moral, and social aspects within Hinduism. Exploring opportunities for character development can enable us to incorporate their teachings into our lives, resulting in making better decisions.
Yes, recordings will be shared with all the participants for 3 months.
Having some knowledge about these mythological characters is essential for a better understanding of this program. By delving into their background, you unravel a profound connection with the content presented. You can prepare yourself by following these link https://www.amarchitrakatha.com/mythology-category/pearls-from-the-ramayana/ https://www.worldhistory.org/Mahabharata/

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