Your Way to Feel Happy

To all the women, do you feel that even 24 hours of the day are insufficient to accomplish the tasks? Do you wake up tired and end the day planning work for the next day? Are you worked up and worn out often? Do you wish to take a break from a stressful and monotonous life? If you have any of these thoughts then the Feel Happy Program is just meant for you.

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Calendar Icon24th Sep-18th Oct, 2020
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Your Way to Feel Happy

Who Is This Class For?

  • Homemakers
  • Yoga Instructors
  • Female Working Professionals

Class Schedule

Sadhana Om24th Sep06:30 PM-08:00 PMYoga Asana
Anupama Das26th Sep06:30 AM-08:00 AMHolistic Yoga
Lakshmy Narendra26th Sep06:30 AM-08:00 AMHolistic Yoga
Sadhana Om27th Sep06:30 PM-08:00 PMYoga Asana
Prashant Tewatia3rd Oct06:30 AM-08:00 AMYoga Asana
Anupama Das10th Oct06:30 AM-08:00 AMHolistic Yoga
Lakshmy Narendra10th Oct06:30 AM-08:00 AMHolistic Yoga
Prashant Tewatia17th Oct06:30 PM-08:00 PMYoga Asana
Sadhana Om24th Sep
06:30 PM-08:00 PM, IST
Yoga Asana
Anupama Das26th Sep
06:30 AM-08:00 AM, IST
Holistic Yoga
Lakshmy Narendra26th Sep
06:30 AM-08:00 AM, IST
Holistic Yoga
Sadhana Om27th Sep
06:30 PM-08:00 PM, IST
Yoga Asana
Prashant Tewatia3rd Oct
06:30 AM-08:00 AM, IST
Yoga Asana
Anupama Das10th Oct
06:30 AM-08:00 AM, IST
Holistic Yoga
Lakshmy Narendra10th Oct
06:30 AM-08:00 AM, IST
Holistic Yoga
Prashant Tewatia17th Oct
06:30 PM-08:00 PM, IST
Yoga Asana

In the midst of the constant stress and hustle of daily life, women completely lose themselves giving in to their hectic work schedule and managing their personal front simultaneously.

All you working professionals and homemakers, just shrug off all your tensions and stress to embrace a blissful life with the transformational experience that our adept yoga mentors bring to you. The yoga teachers of this program have profound wisdom of modern-day issues individuals encounter and thus categorically design empowering yogic solutions that reap benefits for a lifetime.

Program Highlight

  • 4-week journey of self-exploration and lifestyle interventions¬†
  • Uncover the scope for relaxation of the mind through Pranayama and Meditation.
  • Learn how to prioritize your emotional health through emotional intelligence and mindfulness
  • Develop strategies to increase your overall sense of well-being
Each session will deal with one element and will comprise the following,
  • Theory lecture on the element of the day, along with its impact on body, mind, and life.
  • Recommendations on which asana to practice to work on specific elements.
  • Understanding how the elements work together through our body systems and the Prana Vayus.

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