Yoga & its Therapeutic Approach for Covid-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a lot of anxiety and stress. If you've experienced the virus, or if you're feeling the physical or mental effects of the pandemic, you may be looking for a way to find relief. Body movements like Yoga offer a holistic approach to wellness that can help you nurture your body, mind, and spirit. Let us educate you on how with this unique program!

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Calendar Icon22nd May, 2020
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Yoga & its Therapeutic Approach for Covid-19

Who Is This Class For?

  • This class is perfect for anyone seeking an integrative way to manage their physical or emotional tension. 
  • Anyone recovering from Covid-19 and looking for a holistic approach to get back stronger.

Program Schedule

Dr Vineeta Ketkar22nd May06:00 PM-07:00 PMN/A
Alison West22nd May08:20 PM-08:20 PMN/A
Dr Rajvi H Mehta22nd May08:20 PM-08:20 PMN/A
Dr Vineeta Ketkar22nd May
06:00 PM-07:00 PM, IST
Alison West22nd May
08:20 PM-08:20 PM, IST
Dr Rajvi H Mehta22nd May
08:20 PM-08:20 PM, IST

Yoga has long been respected for its ability to decrease stress and improve physical, emotional, and mental well-being. As the world grows familiar with Covid-19, the need to remain physically and emotionally strong is more vital than ever, and yoga is an excellent way to cope with the associated stress, anxiety, and depression.

 Yoga combines physical exercises, controlled breathing, and thoughtful attention to the present moment to promote many positive body benefits. It can reduce stress, enhance cognitive functioning, increase self-awareness, regulate moods and behaviors, boost coordination, and improve flexibility. Thus, with its consistent and varied use, the practice of yoga is an effective way to mitigate Covid-19 symptoms.

Program Highlight

  • Discover how body movement can be a therapeutic tool
  • Explore chest-opening activities to improve your breathing.
Each session will deal with one element and will comprise the following,
  • Theory lecture on the element of the day, along with its impact on body, mind, and life.
  • Recommendations on which asana to practice to work on specific elements.
  • Understanding how the elements work together through our body systems and the Prana Vayus.

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