Yoga is truly a transformational tool for every human being whomsoever comes under its aegis. Every yogi has his/her own journey and unique experiences to learn, share and utilize them for making the lives of others enlightening and healthy. Just as yoga opened the doors of the mind, body, and soul of yogis, Rajanikant Mahekar, Founder of Yogikuti, Pune too experienced the transformational power of yoga and utilized his yogic wisdom to help the yoga practitioners benefit from the tools specifically designed to assist Iyengar yoga practitioners. As every yogi has a story to be discovered, Chat on the Mat decided to unearth the spiritual odyssey of young entrepreneur Rajanikant from a yogi to an entrepreneur which is one of its kind.

hellomyyoga: Your rendezvous with yoga...
Rajanikant: I started taking yoga lessons in a school when I was just 16 years of age. I practiced yoga there for a few years. Thereafter I came to Pune and joined classes in Iyengar Yoga Institute, Pune.  Here I studied Iyengar Yoga and learned to use various Yoga props. 

It inspired me to discover& think how a small support of Yoga props can help to deepen the yoga practice & give greater health benefits. 

hellomyyoga: Inspiration behind Yogikuti
Rajanikant: Our inspiration is the ‘Path of Yoga knowledge'. 

Our guiding principle is to ‘Serve the seekers of wellbeing’ through innovative products.

Also, the strong urge to provide a decent livelihood to people motivated us to generate greater job opportunities for local artisans thus offering a source of livelihood for village people and allowing them to recognize their skills at the same time.

hellomyyoga: Challenges faced in realizing the dream of Yogikuti
Rajanikant: I realized that Knowledge of yoga has spread around the world from India. But there were no huge exports of Yoga accessories from India which could provide many job opportunities to people.

Initially, it was a bit harder to get high-quality yoga products made by local people. We also suffered loss in some production but slowly and precisely our team of sapient yogis trained many workers around India that empowered them to produce high-quality yoga products.

Yogikuti has been a committed and dedicated provider to all its customers in terms of product’s quality, performance, and comfort. The years of expertise in the field of yoga has helped our team of Yogikuti to come up with excellent designs and ideas for yoga props.

hellomyyoga: Unique experiences from Himalayan yoga & how you implement it at your workstation
Rajanikant: Practicing yoga in Himalaya was a great experience.

Practice of meditation has helped me to stay constantly focused on my goal without any doubts. Meditation brings stillness to the mind and a still mind can take better decisions.

hellomyyoga: Driving force behind Yogikuti

Yoga is my passion. I love to keep working in the field of yoga that keeps me focused. It can benefit many people around the world. Yogikuti was formed after realizing that certain yoga props & accessories are very important for yoga practice.

Yogikuti was formed with the sole ambition of spreading the awareness of yoga and well-being. There is a feeling of Constant joy since Yogikuti started to operate.  The yoga community around the world connected with us and gave us the opportunity for exporting our high-quality props from India. Since then Yogikuti has been a committed and dedicated provider to all its customers in terms of product quality, performance, and comfort. 

Yogikuti works with many local artisans from all over the country, who have been selected and trained for manufacturing the yoga accessories. Therefore, Yogikuti provides greater job opportunities for local artisans, handweavers, and tailors.

hellomyyoga: Message to young entrepreneurs
Rajanikant: “Follow your own path & Invest in yourself.”

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