Artificial Intelligence - A Tool to Understand Mind

The art of intelligence is a fascinating study. Scientists are in fast pursuit of the “mind of matter” and enjoying the “Game Of God” by creating entities which mirror the minds most precious-possession consciousness and the ability to think! A leading scientist Juergen Schmidhuber is a c...


Anandmayi Maa

We Indians entered new year with auspicious, pious, graceful and symbol of strength  the nine goddesses manifesting in infinite forms to nurture, balance, strengthen, prosper and illuminate the human beings on this earth. We bow and pay our gratitude to the Shakti who is magnificent  pouri...


Beats of Soulful Chants

Life finds its own way and moulds one towards its destination. That’s something which happened with Krishna Das who became a spiritual chant icon from a budding rock star. Krishna Das after getting inspired from his spiritual guru Neem Karoli Baba also known as Maharajji learned Bhakti yoga and al...


Patanjali Yoga Sutras- The doorway to Liberation and Nirvana

Around 400 years ago an enlightened sage Patanjali considered as an incarnation of Anantha a thousand headed serpent on whom rests Lord Vishnu, prepared the encyclopedia on the way of life. Our body is machinery that acts as per the directions of mind. To detoxify our mind and bring clarity in our v...


hellomyyoga ‘Namastey’- All the Way to Every Individual

Namastey and a warm welcome to every yogi and every yoga seeker. Namastey is a form of greeting prevalent here in India. Namastey is to respect and bow from one individual to another creating positive vibes and curbing the negative energies. A long standing tradition which comes from a meaningful an...


Who is Yogi and who is Yogini?

These two words seem to be easily comprehensible as male devotee and female devotee. But the meaning too profound and is beyond body. It pertains to the different aspects of beings.  According to mythology, Shiva is the Yogi and Shakti is the Yogini which is manifested in every human being i...


Artistic Dimension - Sunaina Rekhi Yoga

Many of us have been to diverse places on our spiritual sojourn. Our quest to experience something majestically transformational is always touching new parameters. Our mind is as creative as our soul all we need is to let it be without interventions of surrounding make up life. There is a hidden inq...


Recycling our Vision

Today’s fast paced life has made people quite impatient and impulsive. The mounting work pressures, stress has generated dissatisfaction as we are missing out the things we require out of our lives. These emotional disturbances at times cloud our vision so much that we aren’t able to analyze the...


Kindness Always Counts

Kindness doesn't have to be this big thing, that takes a huge effort, something as simple as paying for someone’s coffee has the power to turn someone’s day around. Kindness triggers a sense of connection. When we give something to someone, they feel closer to us and we feel closer to them. ...


Hiranyagarbha Temple

The concept of Hiranyagarbha temple was created by  Sri Yukteswar Giri, a pioneer of Cosmic Astrology and a great Kriya Yoga master. He had a dream of building a circular meditation hall  for the disciples. Circular, to enable the energy to flow unobstructed unlike in a square where the en...


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