Harness the Power of Traditional Wisdom: Introducing Garbh Sanskar


Widely regarded as one of the oldest healing systems in existence, Ayurveda has been around for many centuries and yet still has so much to teach us today. Wisdom from ancient scriptures and Ayurveda tells us that life is interconnected and this wisdom has been used beautifully in the form of “Garbha Sanskaar.”

The Hindu word Garbha refers to a fetus, whereas Sanskaar means educating the mind with good values. So what exactly does Garbha sanskaar mean? It comes from the belief that a child’s mental development starts when they are in the womb. Its influence is shaped by the surroundings and the mother’s state of mind during pregnancy. This idea is not just based on modern science but is also mentioned in historical Hindu texts like the Vedas which date back to 1500-500 BC.

The Most Famous Mythological Garbha Sanskaar Stories.

Though Indian mythology is filled with stories that highlight the significance of Garbha Sanskaar, these are some you should know about. 

1. Abhimanyu

The story of Abhimanyu has been popular since ancient times. Before Abhimanyu was born, his father, Arjun, passed down some knowledge to his wife about Chakravyuh, a particular war type. 

When the time came, and Abhimanyu took part in the glorious battles at Kurukshetra, all seemed too familiar to him; because it was all the exact details that he had heard from his father when his mother carried him inside her womb. 

It was because of the communication between Arjun and Subhadra that Abhimanyu single-handedly penetrated the Chakravyuh, slayed several warriors, and till today is recognized as the bravest warrior in the Mahabharata. 

2. Lord Hanuman

A deity and one of India’s most revered deities, Lord Hanuman is said to have been granted divine powers from a blessed dessert that his mother Anjana consumed during pregnancy. Lord Hanuman is known for his bravery, faithfulness, and strong willpower to overcome all odds – this deity has only one purpose – to fight evil.

How beautifully this story tells us that healthy food is a blessing! Be appreciative of what you eat – feel thankful for every bite, thinking about how healthy you and your baby are becoming with each passing day. 

3. Prahlad

In the Hindu text Purana, the tale of Prahlad unfolds. Born into a family of demons, his mother often listened to sagas and prayers praising the almighty Vishnu. Being a Vishnu devotee at heart, Prahlad lived according to Dharma (good karma) while turning away from Adharma (bad karma). His own father’s empire crumbled because he could no longer carry out evil deeds when faced with his son’s pure devotion to Vishnu.

Listening to prayers, mantras, and shlokas has always been an essential practice in Hindu culture. It is believed to be a positive force for spiritual growth in babies. They promote good health and set moral standards, which are all a part of living a fulfilling life.

4. Ashtavakra

Ashtavakra’s mother wanted him to be the most advanced sage in history. When she was pregnant with him she started taking part in classes from his father and grandfather. One fine day the unborn baby spoke up and corrected his dad Kahoda during a class. Kahoda, feeling insulted, cursed his son to be born with physical deformities. So Astavakra was born physically disabled.  

Since Ashtavakra had been educated by his learned father and grandfather while being inside the womb, he grew up to be the most genius sage in history.

Why Is Garbha Sanskaar Significant?

The above stories teach how much important is the practice of creating a healthy environment for your growing fetus. Hindu scriptures recommend staying positive, listening to music, practicing yoga, and meditating while pregnant.

Garbha Sanskaar is all of it and more!

A lot more. It is anything that enhances the positive energies, good values, and peace of the mother and her baby.

It is up to the mother to shape the first impressions of the baby. HelloMyYoga has joined hands with experts and curated a special program on Garbha Sanskaar to ensure the mental and physical well-being of the mother which is naturally associated with the well-being of her baby as well.

The experts will not only guide you to a positive pregnancy experience but will also talk about:

  • How to cope with stress and anxiety during your pregnancy?
  • How will Mantra Therapy soothe your mind and soul?
  • What should your healthy diet consist of?
  • How does incorporating Garbha Sanskar help you raise a happy and well-built child?

Join helloMyYoga on 8th May, where the mother and her baby are encouraged to think positively and spiritually starting from the moment of conception.

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